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Grant Park Neighborhood Association Minutes 12/18/12

By Kimberly Gibson
President Russell Baggett welcomed everyone and advised that the meeting was being recorded then proceeded to thank the zoo for allowing the use of the building and announced the date of the next meeting (January 21, 2013). Last meeting’s minutes available for review. Russell announced that this is the last meeting he will be acting as President and introduced Lauren Rocereta as his successor.
Russell brought forth a motion to grant all local neighborhood school PTA’s a $500 grant. A request for someone representing each PTA attend in the future was brought forth and Lauren stated an invite would be extended. Motion was seconded and approved without opposition.
A motion was brought forward to push the budget requirement to January and for a future bylaw change to occur – current bylaws requires a budget outline be given in Dec. for the following year which causes previous officers to dictate incoming officers’ budgets. Motion to defer was seconded and approved without opposition. Stated budget will be present at Jan. meeting and a vote will be taken in Feb on the proposed budget.
Russell turned over the remaining of the meeting to Lauren. Lauren had Treasurer, Michelle Botwinick, present the current budget report. No concerns over budget were raised. Reminder of the GPNA 501 (c) (3) standing was stated. Final note was a thank you to Russell for his years of service and presentation of a thank you gift.
Lauren mentioned schedule of the block captain meetings and crime alerts. Lauren had Public Safety Chair, Chris Newman, continue with crime report. Chris presented Lt. Klotzer from Atlanta PD and Officer Bowens. Lt. Klotzer stated to contact him ( if any questions arise or if clarification on incidents is needed. Beat 605 covers the area and that currently there is a reduction in crime. Entering autos is an on-going issue and to minimize the risk we need to ensure that cars are clean with no items (laptops, purses, etc) left to deter theft. Encouraged the report of suspicious activity and be hyper aware of our surroundings. In response to a question, Lt. Klotzer stated that ‘yes’ even rummaged through vehicles should be reported as this helps to determine patterns and will allow increased patrol in those areas.
Question about a homeless man attack on Cherokee Avenue in front of the church at the corner of Milledge – Lt. Klotzer stated no report was filed and it seemed that this was a rumor and could not be verified. Question regarding Boulevard and Berne where officers were seen – possibly related to the stolen car search. Question regarding CSI visible in Peoplestown area. As it is an on-going homicide, no information beyond what has already been released could be discussed. Stated that the crime did not appear to be random and that CSI were present in Zone 6 as some evidence was found but the crime took place in Zone 3.
Question about arrest of an individual in the park – Lt. Klotzer stated it’s unlawful for anyone to be in the park after 11:00pm. Update on Commonwealth Enclave burglary. Resist the temptation to warm up vehicles leaving keys in ignition. Report of vehicle larceny in the 400 block of Waldo.
Grant Park Security Patrol mentioned. $40 a quarter for membership.
Sarah Monahan stated the candlelight tour of homes was a success and money is donated to Grant Park Co-op Preschool. Sarah discussed fundraising and what events are potentially in store for 2013.
Maynard Jackson students discussed their communication project and how the school took a pledge about kids against violence. The school has a group of 18 who will develop a newsletter about current events and how to improve the community. Requested those within the community provide suggestions and articles. Contact:
Historic review presented by Historic Committee Chair, Paul Simo – light year with not much in review in regards to renovations and certificates for appropriateness. Approx. 12 in 2012. Mentioned he attended the Urban Design meeting (meeting at Atlanta Preservation Center on the third Monday of each month). Acknowledged a donation of 2 books from Steve Carr and will work to build a reference library. Tip of the month – make sure before starting a fire (in historic homes) that all steps have been taken to ensure the chimneys are clean and that they have been properly maintained. Stated a special admin permit regarding demolition of the Ice House building on Memorial Drive is on file.
Parks and Rec. Committee Char, Robert Greenage, stated website is newly improved and provides a good reference with live updates of events. Reviewed conservancy news and mentioned that over 100 trees are to be planted in the park with stumps to be grinded in 2013. Golf cart (mentioned in Oct, meeting) has been replaced by a donation of outgoing board members. Announced new President of the Grant Park Conservancy is David Dreyer. Mentioned bring one for the chipper event scheduled for January 5, 2013 and offering 25% off membership for those who drop off a tree.
Lauren mentioned the GPNA Facebook page and availability of sunbursts (email or purchase online). She also noted that the intersection of Woodward and Cherokee will become an all-way stop before the end of December, so be aware.
Previous month’s minutes were brought forth for approval. Seconded and approved without opposition. Motion for meeting adjournment made. Seconded and approved without opposition. Meeting adjourned at 8:29 pm.

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