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EACA Meeting – August 9, 2022

Welcome and call to order, 7:00pm – EACA President.

Public Officials’ Reports

Yasmin Korashahi of Council Member Liliana Bakhtiari’s office: New stop signs soon to be posted in the neighborhood. Q: City pools keep closing unexpectedly and now they’ve closed a month before the planned Labor Day closing. Parks and Rec is unresponsive. A: Yasmin says Parks and Rec is undergoing administrative changes so that might play into it. She will relay the message to councilmember. EACA member says councilmember told him she is upset by the pool situation, says council was not informed and she’s looking into it. The new commissioner is Justin Cutler.

Items for Voting: July 12 Meeting Minutes – passed without dissent. July Treasurer’s Report – passed without dissent.

Visitor Announcements

Christian Zimm, Republican Candidate for Georgia’s 5th Congressional District. He could not make it because of a family emergency but will join us in September.

EABA – Nate Minor Sorting through the responses to the visioning survey and they will be releasing a report on those soon.

Committee Reports

Transportation – Liliana sent updates on the stop signs that were mentioned earlier, don’t know the installation date. These are meant to slow traffic on Flat Shoals. Committee is working on more speed abatement ideas. Thanks to Bill Gould for leading the way on getting cleanup work done at Ormewood and Flat Shoals. Community forum planned for September on parking in the Village. if you want to be a part of that.

Tribute to Karlyn Beer, who led the Transportation Committee for years. She’s moving from Georgia, and we thank her for her service.

Land Use and Zoning – Karla – No items for voting. See meeting recording for slide presentation. Highlights: Call 311 for nonemergency city issues. There is an Atlanta Tree App that you can get by texting 404-637-0080. For permit filing information, email

Parks and Greenspace, Alex – First Saturday workdays have returned. Trees Atlanta will be working 9:00am-noon August 13 with volunteers to water, prune, and mulch street trees. Go to or contact They are waiting or Parks and Rec to deliver the new trash bins for the rec center.

Ormewood Forest update: city law department working with councilmember’s office on agreement based on the draft sent by EACA last year. Easement survey is underway to tick a box so the sale of the land can go through.

Public Safety – Myron – Atlanta Citizens Police Academy is accepting applications. This is an 8-week program, three hours a week. You do ride-along with police and sit beside homicide detectives and 911 call center. Go to the East Atlanta Security Patrol Facebook page for info and a link to side up.

Drug dealing and other crimes still appear to be a problem at 455 East Side Avenue. can help you speak at a hearing to declare this house a nuisance. EASP having a special offer. Sign up now and it’s free until October 1.

New Business

Community Impact Grant Update – Henry Bryant – This is a city grant received via NPU-W for street-sign toppers to brand and build community pride in the three NPU-W neighborhoods. Each neighborhood gets about $2,000. Henry leads the EACA part of this effort. See photo of topper attached. We need more than 150 signs for East Atlanta. That includes a few extra to replace signs when they are eventually damaged or disappear. We need to raise about $3,900 to hit all intersections, so we will be seeking donations. That will be on the EACA website soon. Signs cost $35 each, not installed. Rather than pay for installation, we will have volunteers install. Goal is to install in October and project needs to be finished by November 15, when we must report to the city. There will be more info on the EACA website and social media.

East Atlanta Porch Update – Dawn Rivera – The porch is the new tabletop installed near Joe’s Coffee. The project was partnered with the painted crosswalks, so this has been in progress for several years. There is an effort to install a planter or something else to help protect people from cars potentially coming over the curb on Flat Shoals. The porch was delayed by the time taken to get all the proper permits from the city. This is a public space and does not belong to Joe’s.

Closing Remarks and Adjournment 

There is always a donate link available on and donations can be earmarked in the comments field of the donations form. Donations for sign toppers are already coming in. We don’t have to do all the signs, but we have a goal of installing them neighborhood-wide. Thanks to Henry for all his work on this project.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with the technical issues involved in tonight’s meeting.

EACA is at the farmers market on the first Thursday of every month. Contact if you’d like to volunteer at the EACA table.

Adjourn 8:30pm.

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