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EACA General Meeting

November 8, 2022

Welcome and Call To Order – 7:00pm.

Public Safety and Elected Officials’ Reports

Zone 6 Lt. White (See chat for email)  – Thefts still a problem for visitors leaving valuables in their cars. Please don’t leave anything of value in your car. Don’t leave your car to warm up in colder weather. Q: We have a lot of issues with drug houses on East Side and McPherson. Why aren’t all officers who may be responding to problems at these addresses aware of the ongoing issues? Please escalate this. A: Lt will send an email to all the watch commanders and ask them to spread the word. The narcotics unit is working on these houses. Q: How many crimes she talked about were from the Fayetteville/Flat Shoals intersection? A: Not sure exactly, but quite a few, and they are trying to address issues at that intersection. Q: Halloween night gunshots heard south of the Village. Does she advise people call 911 about shots, even if people don’t know where they came from? A: She advises people call, so police know what’s going on and where they should put resources.

Myron Polster, Public Safety Chairman – APD had upgraded its 911 system, but he’s not sure exactly how. One thing he knows is there’s a separation between 911 and the number we have been calling when on the border of APD and DeKalb: 404-658-6666. That’s becoming a non-emergency number. He’ll try to find out if the issue of mobile calls to 911 sometimes go to the wrong station has been solved, since that’s what this neighborhood has been using this number to address. (Liliana’s rep says he’ll check into this.)  PAD is another alternative to 911. Call 311 and ask for PAD, M-F 7:00am to 7:00pm. This is for dealing with people who have problems but don’t necessarily need to be arrested. Be sure to let people who are working for you know not to leave tools and other valuables unattended. They are often victims of theft. Certain Hyundai’s and Kia’s are big targets. Find out if yours is and get a Club to help prevent theft.

Q: Will the Security Patrol ever go back to also using DeKalb officers and taking clients outside the city limits? A: DeKalb officers did not give good results and the patrol was not useful. Myron would like to use any extra resources to see about including Village businesses in the patrol. Switching to his membership committee hat, Myron says EACA has about 200 paid members and many people have already renewed for 2023. If you haven’t renewed yet, please go to and do that. Thanks. We are instituting a renewal system that will generate email reminders. Patrick Husbands, Liliana Bakhtiari’s office – Trees in business district will be trimmed away from buildings starting in December. Q: When will there be a meeting with the Fayetteville/Flat Shoals area? A: They will have to knock on doors to reach folks and get some interest in a meeting. Anytime they hear from one person, they assume there are about 100 people with the same issue. Main thing they hear about is trucks cutting through residential streets. Q: Soofa signs are being replaced with IKE Smart City signs. Can you elaborate on these? A: Decision made by the administration, and it was supposed to be a gift to the city, but councilmember’s office was not informed, so he doesn’t know much more than that. He’ll try to find out more.

Visitor Announcements

Doug Young gives another report on the city’s efforts to chronicle LGBTQ+ historic research project. Important sites in the city’s LGBTQ history will be marked and possibly gain protections. See meeting recording for his PowerPoint presentation.

EABA Nate Minor – Dedicated rideshare pickup and drop-off spots have been implemented and Uber and Lyft are using those spots in peak time: 5:00pm to 5:00am. Users can choose one of four spots or, when driver arrives, if the four spots don’t seem safe, user can ask them to pick you up in front of a particular business.  EABA is working on a community gift card to be released in time for Small Business Saturday on Nov 26. This would be an e-card that could be used at any registered neighborhood business.  EABA holiday part will be December 7, at Argosy from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Community is invited for drinks, food, raffle. More info coming on social and web.

Committee Reports

Land Use and Zoning Report – NC17 Zoning presentation by Andy Schneggenburger. See meeting recording for his presentation.

Neighbor In Need, Stephanie Parker – They have three projects ready to start for three clients, all plumbing projects. They’ll be collecting funds for gift cards to help with Thanksgiving groceries for clients.

Parks and Greenspace: Community garden is looking for new gardeners. City would like to help maintain the garden. He’s still looking for neighbors to restart the Friends of Brownwood Park organization. Email parks@eaca.netto join the fun.

EACA Outreach — Community Outreach Committee: November 18 Activity. There will be a gathering at the Blake Avenue Community Garden. They will be doing a holiday decorations contest, with judging on December 11. More details to come on social and

East Atlanta Parent Network Committee: See social media for their latest events.

  December 13 Meeting Meeting at Branan Towers. There will be a potluck dinner. Awards for the EACA Holiday Lights Competition will be announced, and it’s time to nominate and vote for new EACA officers. Discussion ensued on the pros and cons of continuing hybrid meetings. More volunteers to run the technology involved are needed to continue the hybrid method.

October Meeting Minutes approved. October 2022 Treasurer Report approved.

Meeting adjourned 8:41pm.

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