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EACA Full Body Meeting – March 9, 2021

Called to order 7:02pm.

Opening Remarks/Introductions

State/City/County Elected Officials — Kevin Friend, representative for Councilwoman Natalyn Mosby Archibong (City of Atlanta, District 5). Re Union BATL Trail, he is waiting on an appraisal and then will start talking more with Natalyn. He’s keeping business owners informed on the Moreland/Glenwood update and trying to lessen the impact on the businesses when the sidewalk is being worked on. Q: Wants to make sure Natalyn knows of the concerns over the Skyhaven development/1078 Moreland. A: He got the email and lots of others and Natalyn is paying attention to them and is working on this behind the scenes. Feel free to email any questions to her office. Q: There are concerns about development causing pollution of the South River watershed. A: Kevin would love photos of trashed streams and other pollution so he can pass those on to Natalyn.

Zone 6 Update — Sgt. Jason Dorsey He is the sergeant over the crime suppression unit. All-Star Weekend was uneventful in Zone 6. Auto larcenies up compared to last year, which is an issue around the city, but not so much in our part of Zone 6. He is the sergeant over the crime suppression unit and says they are doing their best to chase the car criminals out of the zone. There are a lot of young folks doing really quick car break-ins. Q: Request for more traffic enforcement at Moreland and I-20. A: They will do more of this now that All-Star Weekend has passed. Q: Do you work with the PAD program or have an update? A: He’ll bring one next month. Q: Is there an update on the car racing? Was GSP there last week because of the game? A: GSP has really gotten onboard and is out with A police every weekend now. They are working hard on that issue. Approval of Meeting Minutes (February 9, 2021)

EAV Farmer’s Market — Katie Kriner, market manager When: Opening day is Thursday, March 25! From 4-7pm Where: EAV Farmer’s Market, between Flat Shoals and Stokeswood About 18 vendors every week. Masks and social distancing required; no eating in the market space. They’ll have hand sanitizer and would consider a handwashing station. Her email is in the chat. They still match SNAP benefits. There will be a plant to plate event for Earth Day that will allow people to buy gardening kits that include plants, soil, instructions, etc. Committee Reports: Membership ( — Chase Miller EACA Membership Survey Results – Summary Three favorite things: Community, people, neighbors, diversity were mentioned. the most. Walkability and local business were also mentioned frequently. Three least favorite things: Traffic, infrastructure, crime. Most mentioned word was Moreland. Lack of walkability and lack of cleanliness were also mentioned. Lack of or problems with sidewalks were cited often, as was crime. Gentrification also was a theme. Which EACA programs are most important to you? Rankings: Public spaces, land use and zoning, arts and culture, transportation, Neighbor in Need. If you are passionate about these topics, please reach out and join the committees that manage those. We were inspired by your ideas and would love your help to make them happen. Thanks for responding. Join EACA! $20 membership (per household); $45 (membership and sign):

Education ( Burgess Peterson Academy – Kindergarten registration is now open! March 9 – March 30. See website for more details:

Public Safety and Welfare: Register for vaccine appointment with Georgia Department of Public Health at

Parks and greenspace ( Alex Levy: Lots of trees planted in last two months in Brownwood and on street right-ofways by Trees Atlanta and volunteers will be out with pruners; TA cares for the trees for three years after planting. If you want a tree planted in your ROW, contact Trees Atlanta to get a tree in the next round of planting. March 20, Trees Atlanta will be doing an invasive species removal volunteer day. Sign up at Trees Atlanta website. Ormewood Forest will soon be in the neighborhood’s hands. There will be a volunteer day there this Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. to cut down invasive species. Email for more info. Refreshments will be served afterward. Numbers will be limited due to Covid. Always feel free to email parks if you see anything amiss in the park.

Transportation ( Karlyn Beer: B*ATL multi-use trail – There is a subcommittee of the Transportation Committee to work on this. Email address above if you’d like to join. This plan is being resurrected after a few years. Funding fell through when this was discussed previously. LUZ collaborations (1078 Moreland Ave. and 1543 Maynard Terrace SE) –Transportation Committee folks are working closely with LUZ on the transport issues involved with projects such as these. But if you are interested in those developments, LUZ should be your first point of contact. Email below. Land Use and Zoning ( Karla Causey Historic designation status – East Atlanta’s designation as a historic neighborhood in the Georgia registry came in 2016. That makes us eligible to be listed nationally. Stephanie Farmer is working on the application. If you have time to help, please message the email above with East Atlanta Historic in the subject line. 

1560 Flat Shoals Road appeal – This is a Toll Brothers development. City denied the site plan as structured because it would devalue our historic designation. 770 Shadowridge Encroachment Variance Application/Ormewood Forest – This is the development Alex mentioned earlier. It is partially houses but leaves a chunk of the forest as city property. EA neighbor Bill Gould is our representative regarding this development. The variance pertains to sidewalks on just one side of the subdivision street. The neighbor-developer agreement supports this. If you want to share your opinion on this, see the address listed in the chat. Allowing sidewalks on just one side helps save more trees in the development. Motion made to send a letter on behalf of EACA supporting limiting the sidewalk to one side. Seconded and approved unanimously. This development also has posted a note about a stream buffer encroachment variance. Ralph says this is related to installing sewer and water and rebuilding the existing entrance road, which already is in the stream buffer, to ease that installation. 1543 Maynard Terrace– this is the proposed development behind the houses on McPherson near the I-20 exit ramp. Nine houses are being proposed with access planned via a right of way that was platted long ago, but is now overgrown. This development would clear many trees, which is opposed by many neighbors. Karla is working to set up a meeting with the city arborist office and planning commission. Ed G prepared a statement on this for EACA to send to the city on this. Motion made and seconded to approve the statement. Approved 25-1 with 4 abstentions. 1078 Moreland Avenue – This is the proposed development near Skyhaven road. There have been several incarnations of the plan. Part of the property is in unincorporated DeKalb and the developer wants to annex the remainder of the property into the city of Atlanta. The developer also wants to change the zoning as the property is annexed. Various plans were shown to members and much discussion ensued. Please send feedback to and the comments will be compiled and sent to the city and developer. Next steps: LUZ is trying to figure out if the developer is open to discussion with the community. The last time this property came up for annexation, Council Member Archibong prevented it. Karla presented the mission statement that guides her in representing EACA with developers and officials and asked the membership to take a look and consider it. The statement will go out in email to membership and also be posted on various online platforms. LUZ 2021 Strategy Work Session – March 22.

Treasurer ( Ralph Green: Approval Treasurer’s Report- February 2021. Proposed budget for 2021 (Vote). Motion made and second to vote for approval. Budget passed 20-0, with 1 abstention.


Neighbor in Need – Day of Service – March 20, 2021 (25 volunteers needed). 5 Residences to be selected for general yard cleanup. Branan Towers Community Garden cleanup to be in conjunction with church volunteer group. Details to be announced. Sign up will be posted later this week and shared via newsletter/EACA social media.

Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden: The garden will be planted in spring with summer vegetables to donate to the East Atlanta Kids Club food distribution program. Friday, April 9 at 9am: Volunteer Day to prep the garden beds. Friday, April 15 at 9am: Planting Day. Herb/Vegetable seedling donations” Please contact with questions and plant donation info.

DeKalb County Homestead Exemptions: April 1 application deadline –

East Atlanta Kids Club — Ryan Downey: They are continuing to feed their clients, and have started more in-person activities with the kids. They’ll be talking soon with the Parks Department about renewing their lease at Brownwood Rec Center.

Next meeting: April 13, 2021, 7:00pm.

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