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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – May 8, 2018

EACA Community Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2018
Welcome and announcements – Lewis Cartee, President; Atlanta Police Department – recognized upon arrival; Georgia Department of Transportation – Update, Samuel Harris, EIT; Traffic Engineer/RTOP Supervisor; SOOFA Signs, Edward Krafcik – Director of Partnerships; Urban Land Institute – Mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP); Evan Shaw – Novare Group; Jarrett Sappington – PGIM; Dave Pierce – Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.; Madison Theatre Nomination for Places in Peril, Jenny Murra
Meeting start at 7:06pm
Community Updates
Atlanta Police Department – Lt. Ryan – Zone 6 evening watch: This area has been really good; crime is up a little bit; statistically speaking Zone 6 is down 7% compared to last year. Stolen car found (Glenwood Avenue incident) – 6 juveniles; one armed with handgun. All arrested. Cut-through traffic – hands-free coming into effect shortly. Q: Graffiti – does the evening shift see and arrest? A: Crime of opportunity. EAV appears to be teens. If APD does find/catch will prosecute. Need to catch red-handed.
SOOFA Signs, Edward Krafcik, Director of Partnerships: SOOFA – Start-up in Boston. Has done work with 120 cities with solar park bench with charging capability. Mouthpiece to communicate to people. Technology similar to Kindle Reader (small footprint) – SOOFA Signs. View as Facebook wall. CoA has 30 signs. L5P, Ponce City Market (super active neighborhoods) have the digital bulletin board. Fully solar powered and wirelessly connected in grayscale. Q: Who controls content? A Soofa manages the entire process. Everyone can create an account. Q: How does Soofa make money? A: Similar to FB it is ad supported. Mission is to make the billboard focus on local communities. Q: Is it possible to have an interactive map? A: No. Vinyl map on the opposite side or QR code. Q: Decal on the back; how much space? Can do something more creative. Q: Eager to see a video how it works. Would appreciate a little more info on how this works. Check it out downtown or L5P, Powder coated metal – solar panel on top. Screen enclosed in glass. Local team goes out once a week to maintain. Signs in EAV are open to the city at large and cross post Advertising for bands as well. Q What percentage is paid for? A: Bottom 25% is 100% of the community/top 75% is advertising (75 paid/25% free) No politicians – laid out in agreement Q: How would EACA communicate with Soofa if there is inappropriate content. A” Ultimately would like to avoid such content. Building out algorithm, currently viewed by eyes of humans. 2 benches on the boardwalk near the flatiron building Connect to Marta API database. Do we have to approve? Is this for always and forever. Contract is for 10 years If it doesn’t work, can move. Look at how much content is being posted; on the ground street teams. Is it highly walkable, entrance to a neighborhood. Thtrr signs (SunTrust, Argosy, Graveyard) What is the timeline? ASAP units are here in Atlanta. Revenue sharing – challenge is to work with CoA to distribute
Georgia Department of Transportation update: Samuel Harris, EIT – Traffic Engineer/RTOP Supervisor (Regional Traffic Operations Program) – Important that people can get in/out of the city. Moreland Avenue – resident concerns for the corridor. 25 Corridors, ~1,800 signals, Span 12 counties and 15 cities in the metro region. This program – when hitting boundaries RTOP ensures timing is correct. Currently planning Super Bowl. Q: What is happening with the alignment of Moreland/Glenwood? A: Concept/design office within GDOT and then bid out for construction; very close in the process. Q: Timing of traffic lights A: Constantly monitoring progress to understand what we are doing right/wrong. Switched to automated system – take that information and understand where resources need to be pulled. Moreland/Ponce timings needed to be looked at; Samuel’s team is working. Rough numbers – queuing at an intersection – decreasing by 18-20%. Route reliability – reliability factor. Q: Technology to alter timing without calibrating the light. Have the capability to change – six different times of the day running different plan. 8:00am – 9:00am / 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Moreland/Ormewood, Changes to intersection at I20, Concepts in development – no timeline associated with that. PM Moreland/Glenwood – haven’t heard much – would appreciate update and what it will look like (concept). Flat Shoals/Glenwood, Bill Kennedy near I20 (CoA has jurisdiction).
Committee Updates
Parks & Public Spaces – Working with nine volunteer neighbors clearing out Brownwood Park. Found hidden wildflowers in the brush. Trees Atlanta working with us on Green Space Guardians. Weekdays/weekend availability to volunteer on south end of the park. Next goal is to improve conditions around the water. More info to follow on Facebook and the newsletter. Neighbor in Need (NiN) – Last weekend’s May on May block party was fundraiser for NiN. Made ~$2,500. The following Saturday is the EABF – 16th Annual Beer Fest. $100 for VIP $50 for general admission. Land Use & Zoning – Meetings 1st Tuesday of the month at Village Church. Full NPU – 4th Wednesday at 7:30pm. Andy can be reached at land Urban Land Institute – Mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP): Impact of parking on the village and impact for new businesses; Commercial needs assessment. Gap analysis Survey results – 732 responses, 60% of respondents live within a mile of EAV. Reference most satisfied/least satisfied. Jarrett Sappington – PGIM What’s currently here – Compared to VaHi has 30% less, Decatur less Inman Park 1.5 times more. Grocery was a hot button issue – quality over quantity. Savi is a great example – six around town; Would EAV be a fit? 90pt walk score. What’s missing? People – Growth over time – people moving into the area. Drive day time traffic (Coworking) Evan Shaw – Novare Group – Development potential Viewed property utilization. Tamaya – Parking analysis (review) Valets $29 hour which could be absorbed by the local business 234 – 316 spaces in angle spaces. Technology options (looking to get into Metro Atlanta) would do true strategic analysis. Park Whiz, SpotOn Parking – Enviro friendly; would work with biz owners (times of day, free parking based on what you are trying to achieve) SpotHero – works with individuals.
Summary – Authentic and real atmosphere; how do we create a healthy mix of retail/residential? Parking boils down to a coordination issue. Create consensus among biz owners. Townhomes. Madison Theatre Nomination for Places in Peril, Jenny Murray: Opportunity to nominate one of our historic properties. Madison Theatre – ask for support. Places of Peril – Georgia Trust – intent is to preserve sites and avoid demolition. Applications due June 11.
Motion to approve April minutes and spend for April; approved.
Meeting ended at 8:57 pm

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