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Jackson Cluster Schools Continue to Soar

By Lewis Cartee
Schools, families, and communities wait in anticipation for the yearly College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores to be announced. While it is not an end-all of school performance, compared to previous measures it is a much more comprehensive school improvement and accountability platform, complete with detailed data for use in advancement efforts. As a statewide education accountability system, the CCRPI compares schools and districts on a 100-point scale using a combination of performance on the state’s Georgia Milestones assessments, student progress, and achievement gap. This rating helps the public better understand how schools are performing when compared to others in the district and state.
As a district, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) saw its average CCRPI score drop slightly to 65.2 points for the 2015-2016 academic year from 67.0 points in 2014-2015. These results are similar to the decrease for the state, which dropped 1.9 points to 73.6. However, our Jackson cluster had several standouts for overall CCRPI achievement, year-over-year improvement, and overall progress, which is determined by students meeting typical or high growth on the 2016 Georgia Milestones test.
The following Jackson Cluster schools earned CCRPI scores of at least 80: Atlanta Neighborhood Charter Elementary (84.5), Drew Elementary (83.8), and Burgess-Peterson Academy (80.5). In addition, the following schools leapt ahead by earning at least 37 out of 40 Progress Points: Parkside Elementary (38), Maynard Jackson High (37.4), and Burgess-Peterson Academy (37). Lastly, of the top 10 schools achieving gains on their overall CCRPI schools, our Jackson Cluster representatives were Whitefoord Elementary (13.1 points), Dunbar Elementary (9.2 points), and Burgess-Peterson Academy (6.2 points).
Landing on all three lists above, Principal David White of East Atlanta’s Burgess-Peterson Academy Elementary School remarked, “We are proud of our children and strive every day to give them the instruction and guidance they need to achieve at high levels and have futures filled with exciting choices. We will continue our work to ensure these scores and other measurements of student success continue to rise at BPA.”
For some additional context on what these scores mean, Don Grant, Governance Team representative for our local high school Maynard Jackson, shared that in 2012 Maynard Jackson was either last or next to last in every category of the CCRPI for APS High Schools. Since then, the school has increased 21 overall points. The 2016 overall score is 76 with the district average for high schools at 63.3 and the state average at 75.7. During this same period, Maynard Jackson’s graduation rate also has increased 20% to 76.9% from 56.9% in 2012, increasing by 5.9% in just the past year. These results are in no small part due to their principal, Stephanie Johnson, who took over in 2012. This year, Johnson was named the Principal of the Year by the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals. In addition, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) named Johnson one of three finalists for NASSP’s 2017 National Principal of the Year.

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