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Grant Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes, Jan 2013

By Kimberly Gibson
The Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA) meeting commenced on Jan. 15, 2013 at 7:34pm.  President, Lauren Rocereta welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and open floor rules, thanked the Zoo for allowing the use of the building, and introduced City Councilwoman, Carla Smith and immediate past president, Russell Baggett.
City Councilwoman Carla Smith discussed Lakewood LCI, and the forming of the Friends of Cyclorama. Immediate Past President of GPNA and Grant Park Conservancy Board Member Russell Baggett explained the relationship of The Porch Press and advised that nominations for GPNA representatives for the board were needed. Motion to support the selections of Penny Luck, Mia Pond and Lyn Hillman were brought forth, seconded and moved without opposition.
President Lauren Rocereta recognized new members Bill Anderson, Mark Utsinger, Joy and Jeff Rutledge.  She noted that the budget for 2013 had been provided for review and approval.
Economic Development Committee Chair Chris Balch introduced himself and discussed the purpose of the committee.  He supplied update on 800 Glenwood permit.  There was a question about dates regard to the time NPU has to respond (24 days from receipt of developer).  A question about the Trestle Tree project was referred to the N.PU site.  There was a presentation of a GPNA grant check to the local school PTAs and photo taken by East Atlanta Patch journalist.
Vice President Jeff Rogers passed around a sign-up sheet, advised that contact info for committee chairs and officers can be found on the Agenda, and explained the new neighbor packet.  He also advised that a bylaw committee will be formed – no set meeting date at this time.
Secretary Kimberly Gibson presented the minutes from the December 2012 meeting.
Treasurer Michelle Botwinick briefly reviewed budget and mentioned donations made by GPNA in 2012 as well as what fundraisers brought in money.
Public Safety Committee Chair Chris Newman discussed meeting schedule and introduced community prosecutor, Paul Camirio (404-840-3624). Paul provided an update on 389 Ormond St incident – Joseph Terrell received 5 yrs probation.  A question was presented in regards to community court watch and working on obtaining a new community court watch representative.  Another question was about current judges and how to obtain their judging record.  He introduced Sgt Tippins who stated that last week there were several attempted auto thefts and larceny from autos, some potential perpetrators were located but had to be released as no witnesses were willing to go on record.  He reported a Clean Car campaign push – officers will go around and leave notes for homeowners advising of potential dangers seen i.e. items left in vehicle, visible electronic cables, etc.  Regarding the Hot Chocolate road race, not enough info provided in regards to parking and tow away zones, will work to determine who in the events office should be updating GPNA going forward.  There will be a canvas of the homeless in the area in order to supply them with directions to homeless shelters. Jeff Swing will be having a neighborhood watch meeting on February 2, 2013.
Economic Development chairman Chris Balch mentioned the SEABA Business luncheon and that the topic will be in regards to the Beltline.
Grant Park Parents Network Marie Mower reported that meeting had taken place with Chief Officer of School Safety and they will present their plan soon.  She also introduced interim Parkside Elementary Principal Sarah Haynes, who announced that Parkside is very involved in stem initiative, that the Robotics team was moving onto the state level, that Zoo Atlanta has zoologists visiting the school to teach children and she hopes to increase community involvement.
Fundraising Committee Chair Sarah Monahan announced a meeting regarding fundraising for Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 1pm, a possible Spring Tour of Homes.  She also noted that Sunbursts are for sale (email or purchase online).
Historic Committee Chair Paul Simo mentioned Friends of Cyclorama and read wording from the Keep Cyclorama in Grant Park petition.  He suggested we revisit historic design regulations.  His tip of the month: while no leaves are present, walk around your home and see if there is any damage to the wood or masonry. Note that older homes may appear to have soft or flaky mortar, which is normal. Do not buy standard mason mix to make repairs.
The Land Use and Zoning next meeting is February 7, 2013.
Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Robert Greenage asked for volunteers for the City Parks and Rec Department, Conservancy Committee, Summer Shade Festival, and Farmers Market. The monthly schedule has been updated on the website and all upcoming events can be found.  He announced that the Bring One for the Wood Chipper was very successful – 501 trees.
Technology Committee Chair Stephanie Warner noted that the Facebook page has a great amount of traffic. She was working towards tying in technology across all mediums.
Transportation Committee Chair Louie Ingle noted that the next meeting will be February 23, 2013 and that there were 4-way stop signs present at Woodward/Cherokee and Berne/Marian.  He was working on radar signs surrounding the park.
December meeting minutes were brought forth for approval, seconded and approved without opposition. The open floor discussion included a request that co-chairs be an option for committees, that Lego/Robotics teams are well represented in our area and may place at the state competition, a potential for bike paths.  Someone mentioned a tentative Beltline meeting in March, no set date yet.  The television show Layover featured some Grant Park restaurants
Motion for meeting adjournment made, seconded and approved without opposition and at 8:45pm the meeting was adjourned.

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