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GPNA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Call to Order–7:30pm.

President’s Introduction, 2024 Steering Committee Introductions. Reappointment Confirmation – Carl Rowland, Legacy Committee – Motion to confirm reappointment passed without any objection. Appointment Confirmation – Troy Bell, Vice President – Motion to confirm appointment passed without any objection. Appointment Nomination – Robert Selby, Treasurer – This will be ratified next meeting. Appointment Nomination – Kristin Lunsford, Porch Press Grant Park Representative – This will be ratified next meeting.

2024 Steering Committee Vacancies: Fundraising Chair – At a high level, this role helps oversee dollars coming into GPNA. More information can be found online. Transportation Chair – A top priority for this year is to keep the city on track with the Boulevard Complete Street project. For anyone interested in getting involved, please contact Phill Kelly at Philanthropic Chair – At a high level, this role helps oversee dollars being given from GPNA. More information about this committee can be found online.

Grant Park Community Gardens – GPNA is the fiscal agent for the Grant Park Community Gardens. 

Boulevard Garden – Jack Beckford attended on behalf. One person is on a waiting list for a plot this  year, and available plots are announced March 15 (there will likely be one or two openings). To join the waiting list, email Free plots will be determined at a member meeting on February 23. More information can be found on the Facebook group.

Grant Street Garden – Christina Brosius attended on behalf as the outgoing committee chair. There are 25 household plots and 15 plots for food to grow and donate. Five plots are open for 2024, and the garden is working through a waitlist to fill them. Interested neighbors can reach out about joining through or by emailing

Community Farmers Markets – Jennifer Thompson, current Farmers Market manager. The market is hoping to deepen community engagement this year and can be reached at She shared a coupon code for the neighborhood that will expire at the end of March: GPNA02.

Public Official Update – No updates.

Committee Updates

Item One – Public Safety: APD Zone 6 & Fire Station 10 Update – No updates. Events (event permits) – GPNA voted to recommend approval of these event permits to NPU-W. Illumine 2024: Oakland Cemetery, April 18-21 and April 25-28. One Love HBCU Picnic location, August 3. Grant Park Conservancy Summer Shade Festival, August 24-25 – Steve Konzelman joined on behalf of the Grant Park Conservancy. Summer Shade is a two-day festival that occurs in the actual park, consisting of food, music, and an artist market. There are no big changes in terms of format from previous years. Information Only – These were not up for voting in the latest NPU-W Safety meeting. Run Like Wild 5K, April 27, GiGIFIT Acceptance Challenge, April 27.

Item Two – Transportation: BeltLine Stakeholder Meeting Update, Transit Study – There are no station locations identified yet, but there’s a Resources tab that has all the past studies and plans considered. Pedestrian Map – Input needed at Boulevard – Council Member Winston has said there will be a stakeholder meeting about the neighborhood process and design. GPNA is hoping there will be another meeting for the presentation of design before moving forward with construction. More to come soon.

Item Three – LUZ: U-24-002 – 1015 B Grant Street (Bonus Family Garage) – Paused for now; there have been no further updates from applicant since a vote to recommend denial at the GPNA LUZ committee (13 yes, 5 no), so still postponed for now. GPNA is awaiting further updates. 23-O-1520/Z-23-87 – Citywide. City ordinance to require a Special Use Permit when constructing a single family dwelling with fewer than 750 sq/ft, that is used as a primary structure. The LUZ Committee’s recommendation was that the ordinance not be adopted by the city, which was unanimous at the NPU level. There was opposition to the committee vote (to deny ordinance), which meant a vote was held. 13 voted to support, 6 voted no, 1 abstained and motion was adopted for GPNA to recommend to NPU-W that ordinance not be adopted. V-24-007 – 335 Atlanta Avenue: Megan Morrissette joined to discuss – this is an application to build a guest house to replace a dilapidated shed. The lot is zoned irregularly currently. Looking for an exception to allow for a 750-sq-ft guest house, which would be in line with surrounding neighbors. LUZ Committee recommended a vote of approval to NPU-W, which passed through GPNA without obligation. Information Only: Grant & Little – Potential rezoning process coming. Jessica Lange attended on behalf of Grant & Little and can be reached at with any questions or concerns. 2026 Atlanta Comprehensive Development Plan Kick-Off Event: February 29, 5:00pm-7:00pm at Greenbriar Mall (2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW). Details can be found at This will go hand in hand with the new zoning ordinance, which is also in progress.

Approval of the January Minutes, New Business, Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory: Visit www. HYPERLINK “” for committee meetings and Zoom links.

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