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EACA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Call to order / Start meeting recording 7:00pm.

February 13, 2023 Meeting Minutes approved without dissent. February 2024 Treasurer Report approved without dissent.

Elected Officials’ Reports

Rep. Saira Draper – Congressional update: There are seven working days left in the session, and this is when things get weird. Main trend in this session has been hostility toward immigrants, with much legislation targeting immigrants. She is closely following the issue of voter challenges, which she thinks have become “mass meritless challenges” filed by Republicans. She expects to see legislation to make voter challenges easier, i.e., make it easier to strike people from the voter rolls. She’ll be holding several town halls nearby in the coming days.

Council Member Bakhtiari’s Office – Patrick Husbands: Braeburn gravel portion is expected to be paved this summer. Bakhtiari: City has shut down three drug houses in the neighborhood and she is doing more work on public safety in the Village. She also continues to work on housing the unhoused and is working with Path Foundation to create the BATL Trail.

State Rep. Becky Evans: She is holding a Public Safety Town Hall and Listening Session this Thursday, March 14, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, with DeKalb School Board member Deidre Pierce and DeKalb Major DeLoach, at S DeKalb Police Precinct Community Room, 2842 H F Shepherd Drive, Decatur, GA 30034 (Districts have been redrawn and Evans will be running against East Atlanta’s current Rep Saira Draper.)

Public Safety Update – Zone 6 Update, Lt. Robert Godwin: Theft from autos is our most common crime. We previously asked about the Long John Silver’s lot, and officers have lately been able to find and apprehend people in that lot who were wanted, mostly for burglary.

Committee Reports

EACA 2024/2025 Budget – Ralph Green and Stephen Morris: Overview of our 2024/2025 budget for approval by the EACA General Body. Budget approved without objection.

Parks Update – Matt Day and Alex Levy: Brownwood Park Update: New playground equipment coming this month: Construction for the new playground is set to commence next Monday, March 18, with the first couple of weeks dedicated to demolition of the existing playground equipment. Once the new playground equipment arrives, installation will begin, with the entire process expected to take about six weeks. The current playground will therefore be inaccessible during this time. In addition, the parking lot will be closing temporarily on April 15. Signs will be posted for circulation around the playground area, and the existing sidewalk will remain open for pedestrian access. You can view the full site plan here. Pavilion grant has been awarded with $25,000 needed from the community, so there will be some fundraising. See slides on meeting recording for more details. Tennis courts will soon be repainted. Adult workout zone near the playground is also scheduled to be created, but $60,000 is needed for that. Grants are being sought. Brownwood Community Garden: The community garden has just six plots left available for this year. If you’re interested in getting involved and cultivating your own plot, please email us at to secure yours today. Trees Atlanta invasive species management program has ended, so they’ve been contacted along with another organization. Both estimated $10,000 for a new contract. There also will be a workday soon. See slide in meeting recording. If you’d like to take charge of other East Atlanta green spaces, please contact Matt. Ormewood Forest: The City is planning an opening of the Ormewood Forest sometime in the coming months. EACA is still working with the City to align on responsibilities for the upkeep of the area and the expected role of the community.

Outreach Update – Ishita Chordia: Update on our outreach for the unhoused including progress so far. Two people now have homes and more are in the pipeline. He’s getting many texts and phone calls. There was a session for business owners last week, to explain how to use the service and what Intown Cares does. Mercy Care is a street medical outreach team that is now visiting EAV each week to address addiction and other health issues. A new outreach initiative involves using the Burgess Peterson Garden to grow food to feed our hungry neighbors. There will be a volunteer day at the garden on March 23 from 9:30 to noon. Contact for more info.

EAPN Update – Ashlyn Alford: EAPN prom is sold out but there is a need for at least one volunteer. EAPN egg hunt is at Brownwood on March 23. They need candy, eggs, and volunteers.

EABA Update – Nate Minor: Spotlight/update on our new partnership with Georgia Works. (link to donate) This is a program that helps men gain job skills. We have a one-year contract for them to clean the East Atlanta business district three times a week. See meeting recording for map and slides with other details. Other key highlights from EABA: 40 street pole banners are coming soon to the Village. Cocktails and conversations are happening quarterly with educational info for business owners and community members. The ShopEAV community gift card program is expanding. Next EABA meeting is Tuesday, March 19, from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Actual meeting starts at 6:30pm, with socializing and networking before.

Land Use and Zoning Update – Grant Dollar, Jenny Murray: R4 Zoning – Allowable Use Without A Variance. 876 Bouldercrest – Parking Variance – Please see meeting recording for slide presentation or clink the link below. Link to Folder. Application # V-24-028. Summary: Applicant seeks to reduce the number of required off-street parking spaces from 28 (per existing C-1 zoning) to 12 (per proposed NC-16 zoning) with an additional 8 spaces leased off-site. As stated in the December 2023 EACA LUZ information session, the applicant intentionally designed their development to meet the requirements of NC-16 with the anticipation it would have been finalized in Q4 2023 (e.g., ground floor retail, reduced parking, max height). The application was received from the City on February 19 with an expected BZA public hearing date in April. Recommendation from EACA & NPU LUZ Committees: Approve EACA body votes 42 yes, 2 no’s, 2 abstains. 740 Moreland – BZA Appeal Link to Folder. Application # V-23-197. Summary: Applicant has appealed to BZA in order to allow a Tire Shop at the corner of Moreland and Ormewood. MRC-1-C does not include tire shops as a principal permitted use or special permit and states: “Any principal use and structure not specifically listed above is prohibited in this district.” In January, both EACA LUZ and EACA voted to defer or deny pending clarification from the city. Several reach outs to the city have not resulted in additional information as of February 22. Recommendation from February EACA General Body: Defer or Deny, pending clarification from the City of Atlanta. Recommendation from EACA & NPU LUZ Committees: Deny appeal for permit in support of existing ordinance. Applicant was on March 7 BZA Agenda. EACA and SAND LUZ Committees sent letters to NPU to include as comments to the City. NC-16 – Bouldercrest Triangle (informational update). Summary: Zoning update for the Bouldercrest Triangle.  Series of meetings with property owners and stakeholders occurred in recent months. A “final” draft of the legislation, including negotiated points between residents and business owners, is now with the City awaiting feedback on next steps. Primer on the kinds of variances EACA is asked to approve. Please see the meeting recording for the slide presentation.

Announcements / Community Updates: EACA Call for Volunteers – We’re excited for our role in shaping East Atlanta to be the community we envision for the future. But we won’t get there without engaged members of the community to help make it happen. Please reach out to or any member of the EACA Executive Committee to find out how and where you can support. Ongoing Recruitment for Committee Involvement: Arts and Culture, Communication, Community Outreach, East Atlanta Parent Network, Education, Fundraising and Grants, Land Use and Zoning, Membership, Neighbor in Need, Parks and Greenspace, Public Safety, and Transportation.

Closing Remarks and Adjournment at 8:34pm.

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