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EACA Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2024

Call to order 7:01pm / Start meeting recording.

April 9, 2023 meeting minutes approved without dissent. April 2024 treasurer report approved without dissent,

Elected Officials’ Reports

Representative Saira Draper – Bethann Frillman: Pedestrian safety issues update: Rep met with GDOT on May 3 and she was assured that Glenwood crosswalks are a priority and they are open to suggestions to make them safer. Maynard and Glenwood likely will be first, probably in the next month. Rep’s office will follow up.

Council Member Bakhtiari’s Office – Patrick Husbands: CM has been working on doing weatherizing on homes of seniors or others who can’t afford to do the work themselves. Brownwood Park upgrade ribbon-cutting is planned, date to be decided. Jazzfest event will be at Eastlake Park on May 19.

Public Safety / Zone 6 Update: Sgt. Savannah Berry, Zone 6 Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), 2025 Hosea L. Williams Dr, 4043715002 (Zone 6), 4046705281 (cell), SCBerry@AtlantaGa.Gov – They have been spending a lot of time at 491 Flat Shoals making narcotic arrests. Theft of auto and theft from auto are still the most common crimes. Kias and Hyundais are still targets for theft. Q: Moreland resident notes there has been a lot of drag racing all night on Saturdays. A: Sgt. Berry had been told the racing was primarily on Sunday, and they do have a plan of action to address this with officers trained to deal with racing. Q: If you’re out of state and see a crime from your home camera, what should you do? A: Call the Zone 6 number. The city does have a program where you can agree to let them access your cameras. Q: What’s the update on enforcement of drug crime in the business district? A: They are working on it. You won’t see a huge police presence for a long time in the Village, because the dealers scatter when the officers arrive. If anyone has info they want to share with Crimestoppers, that is welcome. Q: Agreement with city and GA Highway Patrol is patrol has highways, right? A: Yes. Q: Is there a number other than 911 that takes you to Atlanta and not DeKalb emergency services? A: 404-614-6525. Q: Would more calls by witnesses of drug dealing help increase enforcement? A: She would like to have specific information given to her and superiors directly, but if you see something happening, call 911.

Committee Reports

Alcohol License Application – Tytiana Briddy, The Brunch at East Atlanta. 845 Flat Shoals Avenue. Will this conflict with people picking up from Mercer Street Meals?             These business hours won’t conflict with pickups. Will you help Mercer Street keep that area clean? Yes. Vote to support an alcohol license: 37 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain.

East Atlanta Strut Application Preview – Michelle Rice: The 2024 Strut plans to expand into Brownwood Park and close several roads in the business district and surrounding residential area. See the proposed footprint map here. The expansion comes with increased costs, with an estimate of $40K. That’s twice as much as 2023. If you think expanding the Strut is a good idea, Strut organizers ask you to please volunteer or sponsor. Specifically, the Strut needs help with sponsorship, marketing, social media, and running an activity. If interested, please contact

Parks Update – Matt Day:  Brownwood Park Update – New playground equipment currently being installed. On track to be completed by May 17th.  You can view the full site plan here. Ribbon cutting is being scheduled the week of June 10th (will share date/time once confirmed). New fence installed by the playground. Mural by EACA Arts Committee in Late Summer/Early Fall to coincide with Pavilion construction. Tennis Court Resurfacing/Mural to be complete in 5-7 days.

Ormewood Forest Update: Successful volunteer day held on 3/27. Installed signage by entrance on Ormewood.

Transportation – Chase Miller: Rep Draper spoke with committee before her meeting with GDOT. They will continue to follow up on crosswalks for Glenwood Ave. National bike to school day is May 17. They are working on ideas to calm traffic on May Avenue. Volunteers are welcome. They are exploring parking solutions for the business district including private lots charging for parking at peak hours and using a portion of the income to make improvements to the area.

Outreach Update – Ishita Chordia: Best ways to engage with the unhoused community, so she has invited Sherri McCoy of Blessing Bags of Warmth, who has done outreach for years. What’s the best way to address a person who solicits you for money? Try to remember they are a person. Say hello, make eye contact, smile or at least acknowledge. If you don’t intend to assist them, that’s fine. Say no or not today and keep on going. How can someone plug in with Sherri or Michael? Michael has office hours and a cheat sheet and info. Sherri has a cheat sheet as well. Please see meeting recording for more info.

EABA Update – Nate Minor: New street banners – The idea for these came in 2019 and in 2024 we were able to hang 38 of them on all the stylized streetlamps in the Village. So far none has been damaged.

Land Use and Zoning Update – Jenny Murray: Applications for voting – 388 Monument Avenue – Variance, Application # V-24-071, Summary: The applicant seeks a variance from the zoning ordinance to 1) reduce the side-yard setback from the required 7-feet to 5.1-feet, and 2) reduce the required front porch dimensions from the required 12-feet wide and eight-feet deep to 11-feet 4 1⁄2-inches wide and 5-feet 8-inches deep. Recommendation from EACA LUZ Committees: Approve. EACA votes to agree with the recommendation: 35 yes, 0 no, 2 abstain. 1378 Metropolitan Avenue – Variance, Application # V-24-065 Summary: Applicant seeks to reduce front yard Setback From 35ft to 32ft. Recommendation from EACA LUZ Committees: Approve. EACA votes to agree with the recommendation: 31 yes, 0 no, 6 abstain.

Non-voting items (awareness only, please see meeting recording for slides and details). 1230 and 1234 Beechview Drive (Z-24-34) – Annexation into City of Atlanta. NC-16 Status. 740 Moreland Avenue – Business license was issued for a tire shop, Appeal has been filed. 659 Stokeswood Avenue – Underbrush removed; no construction or tree removal permit has been issued. 640 Flat Shoals Avenue – Rezoning R-4 to PDH, Additional details provided; questions around tree survey, environmental impact, development plan details, storm water runoff, and more sent to attorney with no response, yet. Voting item in 5/20 LUZ meeting.

Announcements / Community Updates

EACA call for volunteers – We’re excited for our role in shaping East Atlanta to be the community we envision for the future. But we won’t get there without engaged members of the community to help make it happen. Please reach out to or any member of the EACA Executive Committee to find out how and where you can support. You can also find a List of Open Positions here. Ongoing Recruitment for Committee Involvement, Arts and Culture, Communication, Community Outreach,

East Atlanta Parent Network, Education, Fundraising and Grants, Land Use and Zoning, Membership, Neighbor in Need, Parks and Greenspace, Public Safety, and Transportation.

Closing remarks and adjournment.

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