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GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Call to Order–7:30 pm

President’s Introduction

Bonus Item Six – Public Safety

  • Major Peter Ries introduced himself 
  • He is the new Zone Commander for Zone 6
  • Grant Park will have an assigned supervisor to attend each GPNA meeting to help address neighbor concerns 
  • Contact information – email:; phone: 404-561-2776.
  • Question from member about how to enforce large trucks on Boulevard. Major Ries says to call 911, and he’s noted this to communicate to the state department. 
  • Question from member about horse patrol not using the poop bags and desire for the poop to be cleaned up. Major Ries will bring that concern to the appropriate people. 
  • Question about a police report and long wait time for an investigator response. 
  • Approval of the February 2020 minutes
  • No objections
  • Vote by the body through Zoom
  • Minutes are approved

Unfinished Business:

  • Public Official Update: Mitsah Henry spoke for Commissioner Arrington; email:; ○ phone: 404.613.0203.
  • Meeting announcement: 9/16 at 10:00am Board of Commissioners meeting via Youtube, Fulton Government TV
  • Fulton County government has partnered with Goodwill with North Georgia & Metro Atlanta Chamber 
  • See covid 19 tab for information
  • Neighbor voiced concern about voting & requested more voting drop box locations

Nominations for GPNA Steering & Committees:

  • Nomination Form will be open until the end of the GPNA October General Body Meeting
  • Atlanta Preservation Center Request for Funds
  • David Y. Mitchell, executive director of Atlanta Preservation Center
  • Asking for donation from GPNA of $1500 to continue their advocacy work
  • Advocacy includes Ormewood Bridge, Glenwood Castle, service to entire city 
  • Question about where money will go. Answer: advocacy work like research (paying for scans of records) and briefs (paying someone to review reports)
  • Motion brought forward to approve $1500 donation to the Atlanta Preservation Center
  • Motion passes with 16 votes out of 28 members present 
  • Idea brought for to ask for objections  

Special Orders:

Item One – Bylaws Committee Update

  • Bylaws Committee proposed changes have been emailed and posted on the GPNA website
  • Audra Cunningham asked body to review the changes before the next meeting
  • Vote to approve proposed changes will be held at the GPNA October General Body Meeting

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning and Transportation

  • New LUZ Procedural Rules Proposed
  • 460 Connally St SE Variance Update [V-20-65] – Application Deferred by BZA to November. Asked applicant to come through NPU-W.
  • 993-1007 Boulevard SE Zoning Update [Z-20-49]. Townhomes proposed rezoning by Johnson Bazzel. Skylar Hassan, LUZ chair, will invite neighbors to an ‘immediate neighbors meeting’ for feedback.
  • Cherokee Ave SE Resurfacing Update – Construction begins within a few weeks. Resurfacing from Memorial to Mead. Adding a bike lane. Removing parking on the parkside – hope that people will use Gateway parking. Timeline 3-4 weeks from 9/14/20. Neighbor comment about signs for no parking from Sept 21-Oct 12. Note that it seems like a very long period of time. Concern for people who don’t have driveways or off-street parking. Skylar Hassan will try to reach someone from the city. Concern about impact on businesses at Cherokee & Glenwood. Question about how the bike lanes will look from city survey – paint or planters or reflectors? Suggested to post this on website. Link shared in chat:
  • United Ave SE Beltline Bridge Update: The community meetings for the final bridge design have not been scheduled, but that is forthcoming. Temporary pre-fab bridge will be set up in the meantime. Newsletter – Contact to subscribe. Sign up for this newsletter with updates about LUZ. LUZ meetings have been moved to 4th Thursday of the month; however, Nov & Dec. are 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm.

Item Three – Homes & History Committee

  • Historic designation maps were shown.
  • Map 1: Local Historic District & Map 2: State & National Register District.
  • Paul Simo reminds body that anything facing the street has to go through Atlanta Urban Design Commission(AUDC)/Historic Preservation(HPS) Studio. Simo presented 472 Broyles will be going to AUDC/HPS for a new build and shared the house plans. These plans will go to AUDC at 4:00pm on 9/23/20.

Item Four – Technology

  • Stephanie Warner reminded to members to update their GPNA profile on the website and update their email and address.

Item Five – Economic Development

  • Grant Park Merchandise – HATS and Sunbursts
  • Order hats and sunbursts on website, and they’ll be delivered

New Business:

  • 575 Boulevard SE with Jeff Wilson; 1920 Methodist church. Would like to be rezoned. Why they want to rezone: initially accepted no patio seating or outdoor dining, but there are lots of outdoor spaces and tenants are interested in outdoor options. Question about outdoor dining – Wilson says thay there are ideas about making a cafe patio area in the plaza, potentially a balcony over parking, apron deck around west & north façade. Jeff will come back through GPNA as they go through the process. Any questions for 575 Boulevard SE (LLC) you can call Jeff Wilson (mgr) at 770-231-9832 or email at
  • Porch Press reminder from Robert Sarwark, Grant Park Editor: There will notes information about voting in recent issue of The Porch Press. Question about parking lot across from the Zoo/Grant Park Gateway Project. Concern about fenced off sidewalk. Desire for an update and some real information. Audra Cunningham is setting up a meeting with Rob Pitts.
  • Question about Monroe/Boulevard Complete Streets effort. No funding yet for south Boulevard (Memorial Drive to the penitentiary).

Adjournment – 8:30pm

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory

Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links

Laura Keen – President

Audra Cunningham – Vice President

Catherine Manci – Secretary

Michelle Botwinick – Treasurer

Eliza Adams – Fundraising Chair

Skyler Hassan – Land Use, Zoning, and Transportation Chair

Samantha McKinlay – Economic Development Chair

Chris Newman – Public Safety Committee Chair

Paul Simo – Homes & History Committee Chair

Stephanie Taylor Warner – Technology & Communications Chair

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