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GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Dial-In Number: 929-205-6099

Password: 662322

Meeting ID: 939 9547 6931

Call to Order–7:30pm

President’s Introduction: Announcement of appointments: Catherine Manci as Treasurer and Evelyn Pannell as Secretary. Intrenchment Creek presentation – Audrey Leous: Committee Sign Up at Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council Meeting 3/27 at 11:00am.

Approval of the February Minutes

Public Official Update: No official present. District 1 Public Safety Meeting.

Item One – Public Safety

  • ·   Zone 6 Report: Lt. Carroll: don’t leave valuables in the car, report it if you see something suspicious, let Lt. Carroll know if you’re unhappy with how an officer responded. Question about the speeding dump trucks near Beltline construction, request to have traffic unit look at the issue. Question about speed tracking sign on Boulevard; Lt Carroll can inquire about portable speed carts. Lt. Carroll’s email: 8 vehicle larcenies this past month.
  • Zone 6 Citizen’s Advisory Council
  • 3/17 NPU Public Safety Meeting
  • ATL Plus is back, so be sure to park the right direction on streets and don’t park too close to fire hydrants
  • Follow up about concern about how APD responds to people experiencing a mental health crisis, see APD Facebook page.
  • Truancy question about who people can contact instead of 911 when neighbors see students out of school.
  • Question about the police station in Grant Park, the police station has moved to their new zone building on Metropolitan Parkway. unclear about plans for the old Zone 3 building; potentially going to the Grant Park Conservancy.
  • Question about replacement of the knocked down pedestrian crossing lights on Cherokee at Milledge Avenue; two are down and one doesn’t work. Call 311 to report this.

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning

  • 781 Grant Terrace variance (in Summerhill, but borders Grant Park). Variance for a 25-foot-wide lot to decrease the setbacks was approved. 460 Connally Street – New Variance Application (V-21-063). Surrounding Neighbors meeting scheduled for Weds, Mar 31st at 7:00pm. Variance is to subdivide the property into 3 different lots; setback will be moved from 40ft to 15 ft, from 20ft to 5ft, and from 20ft to 10ft.

Item Three – Homes & History

  • Backing Historic Small Restaurants Grant – National Trust for Historic Preservation nominations: Grant Central Pizza and Daddy Dz BBQ.
  • 432 Cherokee renovation (at Glenwood and Cherokee) – they will be at the Homes & History committee this week, and it will go to the Atlanta Urban Design Commission. Question about the carriage house and closeness to property, Paul Simo encourages people to join the Homes & History meeting on Monday. GPNA Homes & History = March 22; AUDC = March 24.
  • TREES Atlanta front yard tree program: Paul Simo encourages people to look into the Front Yard Tree Program at

Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee: Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

Laura Keen – President; Audra Cunningham – Vice President; Catherine Manci – Secretary; Vacant – Treasurer; Eliza Adams – Fundraising Chair; Skyler Hassan – Land Use & Zoning; Vacant – Transportation Chair; Chris Newman – Public Safety Committee Chair; Paul Simo – Homes & History Committee Chair; Stephanie Taylor Warner – Technology & Communications Chair.

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