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GPNA General Membership Monthly Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2019

January 15, 2019

Time: 7:33pm – 8:45pm

Location: Zoo Atlanta ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater

Officers/Chairs Present: Dr. Michelle Kirby, President; Samantha McKinley, Economic Development; Laura Keen Fundraising; Paul Simo, Homes & History; Rick Hudson, Land Use and Zoning; Eliza Adams, Philanthropic; Chris Newman, Public Safety

Welcome! Housekeeping and Meeting Conduct

Call to Order – 7:30 p.m.

Officer Reports

  • President – Dr. Michelle Kirby (
  • Welcome, housekeeping rules, and thanks to Zoo Atlanta for use of the theater for the meeting.
  • Reminder: The purpose of the monthly general GPNA meeting is for GPNA officers/committee chairs, local organizations, elected officials, etc. to provide brief updates to the community. In-depth discussion occurs at the committee level.
  • Zone 6 update: Sgt. Greg
    • Zone 6 received an award in 2018 for crime reduction
    • City is seeing an increase in car thefts – clean car campaign
    • Officers will be working 12 hours shifts for the Super Bowl from 1/26 to 2/5
  • Elected officials:
    • District 5: Mitsay Henry: Flyers for Black History Month
    • Senator Nan Orrock, District 36 (
      • Represents ~200,000 residents in the district
      • New session just started with the new Governor’s agenda
      • Many new initiatives started. Some of which are to unite the people, protect the environment, Medicaid expansion, low cost housing for first responders, funding teacher’s salaries, strengthen sexual harassment policies, wildlife protection, and more
      • To get engaged with Senator Orrock’s initiatives or to volunteer, contact her at
      • Opportunities for teenagers to be a Page. Contact Nan at 404-463-8054
  • Grant Park Schools Update: No updates
  • Grant Park Conservancy ( No Update
  • Porch Press: Robert Sarwark is the GP editor and always looking for articles. Jan 25 is the deadline for submissions for the Jan/Feb issue.
  • GPPN update ( Melanie Calhoun is the new VP
    • Pre-K and Kindergarten Forums: Jan 17th at Park Ave Church
    • GPPN Family Night: Jan 28th, 2019 at Your Pie with discounts
    • Easter Egg Hunt: April 20 is free to the public
    • GPPN Playgroups
  • Historic Oakland Cemetery ( Richard Harker
    • New website up and running
    • Working on raising funds to get a new entry gate at Memorial and Boulevard
  • Vice President – Open ( – Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Please check in. Please sign in if you’re a new member. Committee Sign-up Sheet
  • Treasurer – Michelle Botwinick ( – Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • The GPNA is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible!
  • Secretary – Open ( – Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • December Minutes (approval vote toward the end of the meeting)

Committee Reports

  • Robbery on Jan 2nd on Grant St at 3 PM. Person was arrested later that day
  • A neighbor on Grant St reported to Chris “ring” app data. However, it is providing incorrect safety data
  • LRBs: The Shed at Glenwood change of owner approved unanimously
  • Economic Development- Samantha McKinley (
  • Group welcomed Samantha as the new chair. She is excited about engaging the businesses and residents of GP
  • Order your Sunburst today and have it by Friday!
  • Fundraising – Laura Keen (
  • 2019 Annual Sponsorship Packages will be coming out soon
    • Please alert Laura to any filming in the neighborhood
  • Don’t forget to sign up for Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile. Each of your purchases provide a donation in your name back to GPNA, at no cost to you
  • Philanthropic –Eliza Adams
  • Group welcomed Eliza as the new chair from her prior position as Secretary
  • Will be working with prior chair to set a plan for 2019
  • Technology – Stephanie Warner ( – Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • If you are not receiving contact information from GPNA, please contact
  • Also, please make sure your information on the site is up to date
  • Homes & History – Paul Simo (😉 – Presented by Dr. Michelle Kirby
  • Update on Northern annex to the historic registry. Has been working the the State Historic office for the past 6-7 months
  • Tip of the month: cold weather is coming and turn off your outdoor faucets so as to not freeze
  • Land Use and Zoning – Rick Hudson (
  • Rezoning to R4B-B for 395 Pavillion and 690 Oakland approved unanimously
  • Summerhill is in need of help to reject the possible Homeless Shelter at FanPlex
  • Habitat for Humanity is moving their offices downtown, but Restore will remain

Minutes Approval Vote- December minutes approved

Adjourn – 8:45pm

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