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Now Is the Time to Do Something About Your Property Taxes

By Andy Goldstein, Property Tax Consultant
The Fulton County Tax Assessor has mailed the 2017 notices of assessment, and many of Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods are experiencing significant increase in their property values, which will lead to higher property taxes.
This notice not only informs the property owner of the taxable value of their property, it also gives the property owner the right to appeal their value. Whether your value went up, down, or stayed the same, I recommend that you file an appeal.
The reason is this: The tax assessor’s office uses a mass appraisal approach to value all the properties in the county. This means that they are using all the sales in a neighborhood to value all the homes in that neighborhood. Because Grant Park is a complex and diverse neighborhood where each home is unique, the mass appraisal approach often can produce values that are not fair and equitable.
If your value stayed the same as last year or even went down, don’t assume that the value is accurate. I have found the employees at the tax assessor’s office to be very friendly and helpful, but mass appraising Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods is a difficult and challenging task.
There are other benefits to appealing your property value, but you have to know how to navigate the appeal process to benefit fully. You can file an appeal on the following grounds.
1.VALUE: You believe that your value is too high based on comparable sales.
2.UNIFORMITY: You believe that your property is not valued in a fair and equitable manner in comparison to your neighbors.
3.TAXABILITY: You believe that your property should be exempt from paying property taxes. This usually does not apply to homeowners.

  1. DENIAL OF HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: You were denied homestead exemption.

In my 25 years in the property tax business, two things hold true: People want to be treated fairly and equitably, and we all just want to pay our fair share.
File an appeal and make sure your taxable value is fair and equitable. The appeal deadline is approaching, so exercise your right to appeal.
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