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Early Learning to Boost Development

By Jean Hallman

When a pre-school teacher remarked to a parent that she had to teach her students how to climb the jungle gym, the reaction was disbelief. The teacher went on to explain that with limited outdoor time students do not get the opportunity to work on skills that were once common at this age.

What should a parent do? There are many things, but encouraging children to be actively climbing, moving, and exploring is a great place to start. Dance 411 Studios offers just the remedy with their Early Childhood Creative Movement Class. Specifically catering to kids 18 months to 3 years in age, the class meets every Saturday from 9:00am to 9:45am.

According to, the class incorporates balance, dance, tumbling, and agility skills. Activities designed to develop fine and gross motor skills are a focus of the class. Activities can include kicking a ball, building a block tower, rolling, jumping, and walking up stairs in a structured play environment that allows students to be creative while learning boundaries. Music and language are used to help engage students in appropriate behaviors. Additional activities include learning how to stand in line, how to wait their turn, coordination, social skills, discipline, confidence, and understanding social awareness.

The drop-in cost per class is $15. Drop in and try the class any Saturday. Dance 411 Studios is located at 475 Moreland Avenue. You can register at www.Dance411.Com/Kids-Teens. For additional information visit or call 404-622-4110.

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