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Splash Pad Proposed for Coan Park
By Carlen Hultgren
The Coan SPLASH! pad project has been proposed for Coan Park, on Hosea Williams Drive across the street from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. This proposal includes a three-pad water feature suitable for all ages and abilities. Similar to the one in the Old Fourth Ward or the more familiar fountain area at Centennial Park, renderings of the proposed design have been reviewed by Dekalb County Parks and Recreation and presented to neighborhood groups on the east side of Atlanta to solidify support and sow the seeds for volunteers and fundraising efforts prior to presentation of the Master Plan.
The splash pad, also known as a water playground or “spray ground,” is a zero-depth aquatic play surface featuring a variety of jets, fountains, and interactive elements. Simpler, safer, and more affordable than a traditional pool, a splash pad also provides an inclusive environment for both adults and children to enjoy. While many public and private splash pads charge an entry fee, Coan SPLASH! wants this amenity to be accessible to all neighbors; therefore, it will be free of charge. Optional services such as private parties or pavilion rental may be offered for a fee, but the splash pad will be available to all.
Coan Park was chosen because of its central location on the east side of Atlanta and convenient accessibility to nine neighborhoods: Candler Park, East Atlanta, East Lake, Edgewood, Inman Park, Kirkwood, Lake Claire, Ormewood Park, and Reynoldstown. In addition, the layout of Coan Park easily accommodates a project of this sort and offers proximity to existing play structures and restrooms as well as shade trees and clear lines of sight for those watching children.
The community groups for Kirkwood and Edgewood had already voted to approve the concept when the proposal was brought to the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA). EACA members voted unanimously to approve the concept, looking forward to further developments in the project. East Lake, Lake Claire, and Candler Park have been contacted, and the project is hoping for their support as well.
A partnership with Park Pride has been established, and the members of Coan SPLASH! are utilizing the organization’s knowledge, expertise, and experience in community improvement projects and the volunteer recruitment and fundraising needed for a project of this scale. The target completion date is summer 2017, with a projected building cost of approximately $650,000.
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