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The Porch Press is Looking for Advertisers

By Carlen Hultgren
The Porch Press is currently looking for advertisers for all future editions. The only local, monthly, printed paper in our neighborhoods is in need of more and more regular advertisers. Several businesses have supported the paper consistently for a long time, which is greatly appreciated; yet, the need is still there for more businesses, both local and those in neighboring areas, to consider spending some of their advertising dollars with The Porch Press.
While you are enjoying the paper each month, what you may not know is that advertising is the only source of income for it.  All the work writing, editing, printing, distributing and all else that goes into putting out the monthly paper is done on a completely volunteer basis.  But the cost of printing and distribution has gone up just like everything else.
If you feel this distribution area is a part of town where your customer lives, there are financial options for the smallest of businesses (see rates on page 2). Whether you have advertised in the past and fallen off the radar for one reason or another or have never been approached, please consider advertising in the Porch Press next month.  Your local business may even get a visit from a friendly volunteer.
Email: advertising@theporchpress or contact one of your local editors listed on page 2

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