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Maynard Jackson High School Valedictorian and Salutatorian

By Melanie Regnier
Class of 2016’s Taylor Dalton and Delfina Booth have been awarded valedictorian and salutatorian at Maynard Jackson High School (MJHS). Both students have excelled at MJHS and are looking forward to starting college in the fall.
Taylor Dalton dreamed of going to college like her parents, who met while students at the University of Georgia. As a sophomore at MJHS, she had the opportunity to create her own web design business called Dalton Design (D2). Taylor went on to perfect her business plan while at the Governor’s Honors Program in 2014. She was the only MJHS student to win such an honor that year. As a junior, she enrolled at Atlanta Metropolitan State College as an Early College Student, and this May, she will be receiving two Associates Degrees: one in Mathematics and the other in Pre-Engineering.  Taylor will be enrolling as a freshman in college with the credits of a second semester junior. She plans on attending Georgia Institute of Technology in the fall.
Delfina Booth will also be starting at the Georgia Institute of Technology this fall, where she plans to enroll in the Computational Media program. She is excited about GA Tech for many reasons, but especially because of its strong ties with Turner Broadcasting and other media companies. She would love to eventually work in that industry. This summer, to help prepare her for GA Tech’s infamous first year, she is enrolled in a five-week challenge program at the University that will simulate the core courses she will be starting in the fall. She also hopes to take a quick trip to Panama to visit relatives and practice her Spanish. With any remaining time, she plans on getting some much-needed rest.

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