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Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School: Where Dreams Come Alive

By Denise Thomas
From the outside, you can’t tell what’s happening on the inside. Walk through the front door, and be welcomed with bold colors of gold and royal blue, the familiar face of a King, and signs of achievement and encouragement. Keep walking. See artwork in the distance that tells a story of peace, struggle, and love. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, located in the historic Summerhill community, is a place where learning happens, the place where Dr. King’s dream comes alive in the 21st Century.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School celebrates consistent academic gains. With expert leaders and teachers committed to educating young children, the school’s potential is beyond measure. In efforts to raise student achievement, technology integration, connections to real world experiences, ongoing research-based professional development, and other best teaching practices (all take part in the fundamental component of planning) and implementing lessons and activities for our students.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School develops the entire child by offering extra-curricular activities through Connections classes, the All-Star After School Program, and other community-sponsored programs. With offerings like swimming, orchestra, cooking, advisory, and many more, the school is committed to expanding skills that will prepare students for global participation.
The school has a new leader. Dr. Michael McKnight is a native of Georgia. Though his goals for student achievement is prevalent, Dr. McKnight will direct some focus to establishing clear and compelling policies and procedures, creating more parental involvement opportunities, and establishing partnerships with surrounding businesses.
Within these walls, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle school is devoted to the students and parents of this community. Martin Luther King’s educators are ready to serve students the best education possible. King Middle School offers weekly school tours and welcomes volunteers and partnership opportunities. Please feel free to contact Dr. McKnight at 404-802-5400.

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