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Kids Dance 411 Offers Early Learning Program

By Jean Hallman
When my youngest was born, I already had two toddlers at home. Sleep deprived and busy does not begin to describe how I felt. Everyone who has had a toddler, or been around a toddler, knows that this stage is full of energy and filled with plenty of bumps and bruises. That is why they are called toddlers after all. During this time, I really appreciated the few hours my little ones were learning and exuding lots energy, while in the supervision of others.
If you are looking for a great way to encourage your toddler’s development while using up some that extra energy, take a look at the Kids Dance 411 ‘My First Steps Early Childhood Development Program’. In this program, the little ones learn through dance, creative movement, and educational play. This includes interactive songs, tumbling techniques, building blocks, story books, and much more. As a parent, the flexibility of the program is appealing. Kids can attend on a regular basis or occasionally. This drop-in feature is very helpful with unpredictable schedules.
This year’s session dates are August 4-September 8, September 15-October 20, and October 27-December 1. The class schedule is the same each week. Thursdays at 10:00am, Dance 411 entertains the really young, 18 months to 2 years, with Adventures in Movement. And for the slightly older 3- to-4-year-olds, the class is Fairytale Ballet at 11:00am on Thursdays. Pricing for the 6 week program is $120. You can receive an early bird discount through September 8.
Registration for My First Steps and the 411 Progressive Program is now open. To learn more and register, go to or call the studio at  404-622-4110.

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