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The Pooch Press: The Life of a Retiree

By Leo Velez

Hello, my name is Leo.  I have lived in Ormewood Park for 8 years, ever since being adopted from the Humane Society, and consider myself the king of Gilbert Street.  But to be honest, I’m ten years old now and sleep a lot, so am quite willing to pass the torch to these young pups who walk by my house every day. 

You may have seen me rolling around in the street while my dad tries to get me to move when a car is coming. He has to drag me! People laugh! I’m funny! I used to enjoy playing tug with a rope but now I just chew on my Kong toys and my squeaky duck and explore my puzzle which is supposed to have treats in it every day, but sometimes my mom forgets, and I have to remind her.

I have some talents you may not know about.  For one thing, I can sing. Just play any tune on the piano and I will join in. I also can hear ice biscuits being put into a glass from a mile away. I am able to move objects with my mind. Well, the truth is, I’m still perfecting this talent. I practice every day by staring at the fence in front of my house.

Adios for now!

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