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Summertime Home Security

By Duncan Cottrell
According to the FBI, nearly every category of crime increases during the summer, especially home invasion. Most of the intruders are pre-teen or teenagers in middle or high school, out of school, bored, and restless. Kicking in a door is the most common method of entry, followed by windows. Tools, toys, and electronics within view are the lure, and a pantry or well-stocked fridge can be the icing on the cake. Teens rarely damage property – they just want a thrill and some treats.
Here are summer tips for home safety and protection:  Keep your guard up. Double check locks and security systems, and put away the toys and other temptations. Alert neighbors before you go away on vacation, and ask them to watch your home, pick up newspapers and notices, and to phone police if they see suspicious activity. Keep the kids engaged, and their time accountable to an adult. The Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, church camps, sports practice, or volunteerism will provide structure and fill up those idle hours.
Duncan Cottrell, The Entry Enforcer, offers free estimates to make doors kick-proof and window access too difficult to bother with. You’ll also get an objective assessment of how your home will look to the pro burglar and the restless kid, and expert advice on how to make your home safer.  Contact him at (404) 289-6960 or

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