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SAND Minutes 08/08/13

Submitted by Jenni Ferguson, Secretary
The meeting was called to order at 7:34pm by Peter Pankiewicz, Vice President of SAND.
Peter kicked off the meeting with a reminder that trolleys were available for purchase; DYI for $25 and “designer” for $50. He also reminded everyone of the voting guidelines; (1) pay $10 dues or (2) this is your third meeting within the last 12 months.
After a long time break, Brian “Red” Harrison attended the meeting as a longtime resident.
SAND fundraising opportunities include Macy’s Shop for a Cause which provides 25% discount on August 24 for $5 and we are selling them. Let know if you would like to purchase one.
The second fundraising event is a night of Bingo on the evening of Thursday, October 10 – details to follow
Land Use and Zoning. 800 Glenwood The attempt to rezone the property as multi use instead of industrial is in the works at a ZRB hearing taking place this evening, Thursday, August 8. The next dates of importance August 28 and Mayor Kasim Reed’s decision on September 3. At the hearing tonight, if it is voted down this is not over – this is not dead. An Attorney will be hired to represent SAND in this fight. The attorney hired is David Marmins of Amall Golden & Gregory and specializes in land use litigation. The legal fees could be $15,000 to $50,000. SAND will contribute $2,500 initially and $2,500 down the road. The discussion about 800 Glenwood turned to the other options for that property. It was agreed that we would like something to go there just not a big box retail store. It was suggested that a better location for Walmart, the proposed big box retail store in question, would be the University Avenue area. Donations are needed and appreciated and can be placed at
Public Safety REMINDER; The public safety meeting event is this Saturday, August 10 from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Ormewood Park Presbyterian Church on Delaware Avenue.
Atlanta Police did not have a report for this meeting. Newly appointed Major Timothy Peek attended the meeting to introduce himself as the new Zone 6 Commander, replacing Mayor Meadows. He spoke about the recent crime increase in Zone 6 and explained that while APD isn’t saying that all the crime is gang related he wanted us to know that To APD, “gang” means three or more people. While crime has increased this summer, he wanted to remind us that in comparison to recent years the percentage is actually lower. The police were patrolling longer hours and had more people for coverage and more presence on Moreland Avenue. Major Peek’s email address is
A brief discussion was brought up regarding semi-trucks illegally using our roads and the laws regarding this would be researched.
Community Prosecutor Keith Lamar came along with Major Peek and shared information on two prosecutions in the near future and asked for our presence in the court room during the trials. On trial will be: Allen G., SAND was his home Territory, he has 70 prior arrests, was convicted 14-15 times, is 52 years old, car theft was his crime of choice, he is a convicted felon.
Michael W./Larry Bishop: Car theft was also his crime of choice.
Court Watch coordinator Reiko Ward is new to the Community Prosecutor’s office but would be in touch to keep SAND abreast of trials.
Trolley Patrol was offering a group purchase of Strikemaster. Contact or 404-252-7648 (direct) if you are interested.
New Business SAND needs committee chairs for Communication, Fundraising/Events, Schools & Children, and Webmaster.
Mr. Pankiewicz discussed Wesley International Academy moving to the former location of the Cook Elementary School which is one block outside of NPU-W. They only have a one year lease.
If you are interested in Friday Food for Firefighters check Available dates and sigh up at (pw: friday) or call Beth-Ann Buitekant (404-455-8746) for information or with questions.
“Red” Harrison announced the creek problem at his house on Berne Street but noted that the city was handling the repair.
Nancy Leighton alerted the group of a error in last month’s minutes which was the numbers to call regarding lights being out and tree branch removal. The correct numbers are Georgia Power 888-891-0938 and the Department of Parks at 404-330-6333.
Ken Boff briefly discussed his involvement in the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and that he will be the neighborhood liaison. The coalition will support a better bike infrastructure. Federal funds are there just nobody has taken the action to put a plan in place. Ken noted that the problems on Bill Kennedy Way still exist.
Nancy Leighton announced another correction to last month’s minutes which was that Kristin Strickland Andris was in the role of SAND Editor at the Porch Press but only temporarily. If you are interested let know.
A motion was made to accept the corrections to last month’s minutes and was approved.
A motion was made to approve the July 2013 minutes and was approved.
Based on no additional business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

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