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SAND Meeting Minutes – Thursday, December 14, 2023

Updates from Elected Officials

Lilliana Bahktiari’s Office (presented by Patrick Husbands): Crosswalks with signal beacons will be installed on Glenwood Avenue at Branan Towers and at Haas Avenue. Antifreeze dumping reports into Entrenchment Creek in Brownwood Park have been made, the Councilmembers office is investigating.

Jason Winston’s Office (presented by Michael Ulmer): A $250 million legislative proposal regarding residential solar every was put forward by the Councilmember and approved by the full City Council. The acquisition of Red’s Farm was completed and preservation efforts can move forward. MARTA BRT implementation on Hank Aaron will move forward over the holiday period. Conversations regarding Complete Street project for Boulevard continue to move forward and community input is welcomed.

Committee Updates

Transportation: A brief SMAWG update was provided including the planned locations for the four new crosswalks over Moreland Avenue.

Benteen Park Fall Festival: The festival made a small profit and community input on how to distribute the funds is requested.

Beautification – Friends of Benteen Park: A motion was made to adopt and create a Friends of Benteen Park organization to be created under the SAND umbrella – the motion was approved without objections. A motion was made to have Katie Bruce (Chair), Sarah Price (Co-Chair) and David Clifford (Co-Chair) as the officers of Friends of Benteen Park – the motion passed without objection.

Education: ANCS lottery applications for 2024-25 enrollment open on January 3, 2024.

There were no matters for voting.

New Business

Paul Bolster recommended SAND sign on to a prepared “Open Letter from Community Leaders” to the Fulton County Board of Assessors. That recommendation was denied. A proposal for SAND leadership to craft a letter with revised language for community  review was made – no one objected to the approach

The meeting notes from the November 2023 meeting were approved without objection.

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