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SAND Meeting Minutes – Thursday, April 13, 2023

Submitted by Kate Champion

The developers of Halidom Eatery at 1341 Moreland Avenue presented architectural drawings of their proposed food hall. They expect the facility, with its art deco/South Beach vibe, to house about 11 eateries and invited those with concepts to contact them. They hope to also have a “jungle room” which would be open to community meetings. Once operating, eateries will be open until 9:00pm or 10:00pm.

Currently in the permit process, they expect the first floor build to take about 7 months. Halidom also plans to build 89 units of apartments behind the food hall. They assured SAND this would not be a case of some out-of-state ownership running the apartments. Halidom will own 100% locally. Additionally, they plan to preserve the natural space that joins the nature preserve strip along Entrenchment Creek. The Halidom development plans will be available at their booth at the Ormewood Makers Festival, of which they are a sponsor, on May 20.

Johnathan Harris, from Commissioner Natalie Hall’s office, gave an update on the work of the Fulton County Commission. He pointed to a new $6.6 million Behavioral Health Crisis Center to be built on Metropolitan Parkway with a 25-bed live-in capacity. Other initiatives included $1.5 million for homeless services, a hiring of youth program, and engagement in seeking solutions for the abandoned Well Star facility.

A large portion of the meeting, led by SAND Transportation Chair, Abiy Kaltiso, was spent discussing transportation issues. Abiy serves as a liaison with ATL DOT, GA DOT, and the Beltline, and is always open to suggestions. Some areas of concern raised include: intersection of Bill Kennedy and Glenwood, “Lake Woodland” which appears after every rainstorm, transportation enforcement (Eden and Ormewood Terrace, Woodland and Berne, Edie and Hamilton), Beltline access points, MARTA survey results, original SAND sidewalk plan. A survey on the community’s transportation issues will be posted on the SAND website.

A vote was taken on the proposed prohibition of “Light Industrial” within 500 feet of the Beltline. The unanimous vote was to send this resolution back for reconsideration/tweaking.

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