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SAND Meeting Minutes – Thursday, April 13, 2017

SAND Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 13, 2017
Call to order at 7:38pm.
Thank you for volunteer Hilton Spence of BOHO who is our new BOHO Neighborhood rep!
Thank you to Dark Horse Woodworks for supporting and making our Trolleys!
Zone 6 Update- Officer J.B. Saint Jean is one of our cops in Zone 6. Crime is low in the zone 6. Do not keep valuables in the car.  2016 totals 60 crimes total with burglary early in the year.  Citizen concern/question- Moreland East and South of Confederate (drag racing)- response from Zone 6 will have more officers out on Sunday to dissuade the racing. ATVs and off road vehicles- can only be chased by GSP. A lot of people come from other locations to ride around ATL.  APD and GSP is working to solve this problem.
City/State/School/Other Elected Officials- Carla’s office representative updated on Soesby’s boys. Saturday is annual recycle day at CHaRM. April 23 Streets Alive starts in Ralph David and ends at Grant Park with Jazz 4:00pm to 8:00pm with food trucks.

  • Need Officer
    • Positions: Treasurer, Secretary
  • Committee Chair Openings
    • Social, Webmaster, Communication, Public Safety, create a new committee
  • Neighborhood Representative Openings
    • Glenwood Park, Ormewood Park (Nathan Clubb), North Ormewood (Mike Schneider), Woodland Hills (Rashawn Johnson), Benteen, McDonough-Guice

New Business

  • Trolley Committee Chair- Melissa Wakamo (manage orders and distribution)- vote

Committee Updates

  • Be sure to renew your membership for 2017; updated membership will be provided at next meeting


  • Parkside new Principal is Mr. Timmy Foster, current Principal at Whitefoord

Public Safety
Beautification committee chair Mike Schyner
Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z) (vote)

  • V-17-076 953 Woodland Avenue

Applicant seeks a variance from the zoning regulations (1) to reduce the required southern side yard setback from 7 feet to 4 feet 1 inch (2) to reduce the required front yard setback from 35 feet to 32 feet to make an addition to the single-family structure.
LUZ Committee Approved 6-0-1
SAND 8 approve and 1 oppose

  • V-17-083 476 Florida Avenue

Applicant seeks a variance from the zoning regulation to reduce (1) the required rear yard setback from 15 feet to 9.5 feet (credit for ½ of existing alley); (2) to increase the lot coverage from 50% to 53% and (3) to exceed the maximum of 30% of the floor area of the main house to 57% to construct an accessory structure (garage). Applicant seeks no other variances at this time.
Approved 5-0-2
SAND unanimously approve

  • Z-17-010 970 Mercer Street

Request to rezone the property from R-4/BL to R-4A/BL to enable subsequent subdivision of property and construction of two single family dwellings.
Approved 5-0-1 with the conditions that the front yard setback and the ½ depth front yard setback comply with R4/BL zoning regulations.
SAND unanimously approve

  • 17-O-1146 1096 Custer Avenue

Rezone 1096 Custer Avenue from PD-H (Planned Development Housing) to PD-H (Planned Development Housing) for the purpose of a change of zoning conditions.
Approved 7-0-1 with the condition that the maximum square footage of houses not exceed 2860 square feet.
SAND unanimously approve
Approval of March Meeting Minutes (vote) APPROVED.
Adjourned at 8:18pm.

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