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SAND Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2022

Call to orderAnnouncements (5 minutes): Voting rights (3 meetings, or $10 membership). SAND needs a new secretary.

Zone 6 (5 minutes). City/State/School/Other Elected Officials (5 minutes per):

  • Councilmember Winston
    • Council is back with in-person meetings, and in-person committee meetings
    • Introduced legislation to correct an ordinance for setbacks in Boulevard Heights, passed by full council and waiting on Mayor’s signature
    • South Boulevard project update:
    • Met with Commissioner Rowan
    • Close to assign final designer, should be picked out by middle of summer 2022
    • May of 2023 is timeline for final design
    • $1.9mm came out of District 1’s Council Renew budget, $1.3mm coming from CIE for 2022, trying to get additional $1.8mm TSPLOST 2.0 this year
    • To complete some of complete street projects features for project (ex: raised crosswalks)
    • Introduced legislation to add age verification for mobility devices (ex: scooters) with 16 being the minimum
    • Office will be taking care of the permit fee for the Ormewood Park Makers Festival
    • In terms of reapportionment, District 1 may be growing into downtown, but the vote will happen sometime in the summer
  • Larry Carter from Councilmember Bakhtiari’s Office
    • Been riding with ATL DOT identifying most problematic potholes in District 5
    • A Google form is available to track 311 requests in District 5
  • Senator Nan Orrock
    • Senate Bill 535 being debated in state senate
    • Working on emergency rental assistance program money. GA is # 48 in terms of states spending their allotted money (12% in total), while Fulton County has spent 100% of its allotment.
    • In the process of passing the Mental Health Parity Bill
    • Looking to create a state facilitated support for small employers to allow for employees to have a savings mechanism for retirement

Beautification (5 minutes): 2022 Community Impact Grant Program (CIG) update – Street Sign Toppers. Application has been submitted.

Communication (2 minutes): Like SAND on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.  Please submit any ideas for the newsletter to us. The Porch Press would like a neighborhood correspondent for SAND, and also needs more writers and articles, as well as advertising dollars.

Treasurer (5 minutes): Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards. Trolleys available for $45 unpainted.

Social (5 minutes): 2022 Ormewood Park Makers Festival – Saturday June 11Looking for volunteers for planning committee. Reach out to

Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z) (5 minutes per): Z-22-11 / 1333 Funston Street/Benteen Park / Zoned PD-H. Applicant requests a Major Amendment of the property’s PD-H zoning for approval of a revised site plan for 29 residential units. Zoning Review Board (ZRB) hearing date: April 7 or 14 at 6PM. LUZ: Motion to Defer for 30 Days was adopted without opposition. No motion at SAND. Just looking for feedback for the applicant to move forward.

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