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SAND Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2023 Minutes

  • Meeting started at 7:31pm.
  • Council Member Jason Winston, new C.O.S Michael Mulmer: Contact information is, office (404) 330.-6039 cell (770) 689-7810. 
  • Update provided on Red’s Farm. The city expects to close on the property as early as mid September. The property is being purchased as a conservation easement with Conservation Fund money. Residents expressed a desire to have input on the terms of the conservation easement to help shape how the property can serve the neighborhood. Winston said he anticipates an opportunity for input will be provided after closing but time is of the essence to get the property secured.
  • Discussions about sidewalks, tree removal and stump removal took place and residents expressed a desire for the city to look at requiring significant remodels and new construction to be required to provide or repair sidewalks as part of the permitting process. It was also requested that the city schedule tree removal and stump removal for trees in the right of way at the same time.
  • Council Member Bahktiari’s office – Patrick Husbands,, cell (404) 330-6048.
  • Update on city budget. Raises included for 9811 operators, an allowance for each district of $1M for roadway resurfacing
  • The Council Member’s office is aware of the shooting at the Cookout and the debris in several properties on Moreland avenue from homeless encampments and is working to coordinate city response to these issues. Residents expressed concern that the cost of the cleanup is not being adequately placed on the owners of the unutilized properties being used for homeless encampments.
  • Announcements 
  • Elections are coming! Please let leadership know if you are interested in information about any of the positions in SAND leadership or becoming a candidate!
  • SMAWG update. SMAWG held their meeting in July with GDOT and ATLDOT. New work includes the installation of medianettes on Moreland Avenue. Hawk signals for pedestrian crossing are still being pursued but due to price increases they are no longer eligible for “Quick response” funding and a new funding source is being sought. There is however approximately $2M in funds becoming available for sidewalk improvements on Moreland Avenue and work will likely start in 2024.
  • The community impact grant is underway for 2023. There is approximately $5,000 to be used in SAND, EAV and Grant Park. The funds are being proposed to be used for wayfinding. The presentation will be placed on the SAND google drive for review.
  • Funds allocated at the July meeting have been distributed!
  • Matters for Voting:
  • V-23-104 478 Gift Avenue – Motion from LUZ committee “to approve conditional on notice provided to immediate neighbors and SAND approval” was passed no exceptions. Proof of mailing for notice was provided.
  • Benteen Park Fall Fest festival application. Motion to approve was passed no objections.
  • A letter to Fulton County Commissioner Hall’s office regarding the appraisal of residential and commercial properties was read aloud for consideration (letter text included on google drive). Motion to approve sending the letter to Commissioner Hall and CC all other Fulton County Commissioners and the Chair of the Board of Assessors was passed with no objections.
  • A motion to purchase ad space in the porch press 6 times per year instead of a donation to the porch press was approved with no objections.
  • Bo Johnson from Asbury Point presented a proposed project on McDonough Boulevard to the south of SAND and NPU-W. The project will be seeking a letter of support to Invest Atlanta in the September NPU-W meeting cycle. The project intends to provide affordable housing units. Affordability requirements would be in effect for 15 years from completion. Residents expressed general support for the affordable housing and requested further clarification of how the project intends to get community input following the Invest Atlanta letter.
  • Minutes from the July meeting were approved with no objections
  • Next SAND meeting will be August 10 with format TBD.
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