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SAND Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2018

SAND Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2018
Call to order Welcome new residents and guests (7:32pm).
Introduce SAND Governing Board

  • Seeking the following positions to be filled: Social, Beautification, Public Safety, & Communications Chairs, Ormewood Park, North Ormewood Park, & Woodland Hills Neighborhood Reps.
  • SAND Sponsorship Option – only $50/year for businesses.

New Business (vote)

  • Vote: Bill Powell into Transportation Committee Chair – Passed Unanimously.

Committee Updates
Zone 6 – Major Peek & Lt. Ryan – Burglary issues within SE Quadrant of the city, APD is aware and working diligently to provide relief. APD cares and is just as angry as the residents. If you see a crime in progress or something that looks suspicious call 911 immediately. Do not call the resident first. Notify 911 it is a crime in progress (if in progress) – be truthful if they’ve already left. APD is unable to see Nextdoor, they can only post to it. Zone 6 has the fastest response time of all APD zones. If 911 provides any pushback to an emergency ask for a supervisor. APD is in close and regular communication with Dekalb Police and share all crime information. Some APD officers are deputized in Dekalb County to remediate crime matters. Major Peek is leaving Zone 6. Captain Klotzer is being promoted to Major. He may be reached at
City/State/School/Other Elected Officials – State Rep. David Dreyer – – 404-656-0274. State Capital is in session, just finished week 1. Hard work on the adoption bill to overhaul the adoption process for the first time in 30 years. Rep. Dreyer is also working on a handful of bills including new voter registration laws, affordable housing (increase stock & property tax support). Forum with Rep. Dreyer and Rep. Cannon to hear feedback from the community on January 18 at Carver High School at 7 pm. You can sign up for Rep. Dreyer’s newsletter at Capital is also looking at funding for public transit/MARTA
            Councilwoman Carla Smith – Street name change for Confederate & East Confederate – Carla is trying to raise money to hire an attorney to change all the warranty deeds for all residents at once. Carla wishes to raise enough money to make sure all people affected by street name changes are made whole from all costs. All schools need volunteers to help with the kids so the kids tie adults in the neighborhood as people they can look up to.

  • Neighborhood PlacemakingGrant – Opportunities to spruce up our neighborhood. Please send suggestions to SAND board


  • Yard signs are still available, please put them up one week before the meeting and remove them after the meeting.
  • Please let us know content you’d like included in the newsletter about happenings around the neighborhood. Please submit all submissions 10 days before the SAND meeting


  • Intersection of Bill Kennedy Way & Faith Avenue – Carla Smith provided an update – Traffic study originally warranted no traffic calming. New traffic study warranted a red light. 14 accidents in one year in the intersection. There is a team composed of members of NPU-W, SAND leadership, and the Glenwood Park HOA who will be meeting with Council Members Smith and Natalyn Archibong for overall traffic improvements in the area, please send suggestions to


  • Monthly Treasurer report (Page 3)
  • Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards
  • Be sure to renew your membership for 2018
  • Business Sponsorships, $50/year. SAND is a 501(C)(3) tax-deductible organization


  • MLK Day Cleanup – January 15 at 9:30am – Meet at 1081 Morley Ave SE 30312
  • Community Meet & Greet/Gathering – SAND will be working on a big community meeting and greet for later this year. If you’d like to help plan please email

Public Safety
Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z) (vote)

  • Z-17-96 – 947 Mercer Street: Rezoning request to reinstate two lots.NPU-W voted overwhelmingly to support the Lot of Record application in October 2017. LU&Z passed motion to approve 16-1 | SAND passed motion 7-1.
  • V-17-360 – 935 Alloway Place: Side yard setback reduction to allow for an addition to the rear of the existing structure. Would be an extension of the existing residence’s footprint. LU&Z passed motion to approve unanimously. SAND passed the motion 7-1.

South SAND Area and Eco Development – Scott Petersen – Tours provided by Scott Petersen to explore the historic buildings in SAND or other local landmarks. Contact Scott at 404-368-6700.
Approval of December 2017 Meeting Minutes – SAND passed motion to approve minutes unanimously
Meeting adjourned at 8:58pm. Next Full Body Meeting: February 8.

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