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SAND March Meeting Minutes

By Steve Norman, secretary
Motion for SAND to send a letter of support for Chosewood Park neighborhood association for removing obstacles in the sale and re-leasing of the 202 Milton Avenue APD school, in order to encourage its timely preservation and re-use. Passed unanimously.
SAND February meeting minutes approved unanimously by members.
Transportation Report – Ron Lall
Upcoming Referendum – ballots for transportation and infrastructure
Neighbors have voiced concerns that exact projects haven’t been specified for all of the budgeted money and they could change; not sure how the money would be used for city vs. district projects; council boundary corridor projects could easily fall through the cracks. Once the public votes on the referendum, then the council votes on the projects.
Treasurer’s report – Grace Kim
We have depleted a lot of our money; we have a PayPal account online for dues and donations; $193 since last month.
Smile amazon – gives money to SAND.
Kroger rewards – see agenda; buy a trolley.
Looking for fundraising ideas and events.
Website Committee – Brandon
In upgrading the SAND web site, we need imagery – send us your pics of SAND! You can post online ideas for changes to the website.
Porch Press – if you are not receiving the paper or have a new neighbor (distribution goes by the address) send your address and ZIP Code; turn in address by email to
Jim Williamson – VP Chosewood Park neighborhood association
Request for SAND letter of support in helping save the APS school building at 202 Milton Avenue – a 100 year old structure in need of repair.
An interested party wants to buy the school (which has been closed for 40 years) and Chosewood Park is looking to remove obstacles in the sale and releasing the deeds to get the sale to move forward. The building is one of 43 historical buildings south of Grant Park. NPU V and Y and GP historic support these efforts.

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