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SAND January 2014 Meeting Notes

President Ana Allain Posner called the meeting to order and introduced new residents.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Houston Wheeler and Trey Lyon made a presentation on this new initiative. This is an effort to get churches and community organizations working together. It includes St. Paul’s, Holy Comforter, First Iconium, and other churches in NPU-W. The goal is to develop a resource directory on many topics, including after school programs, parenting skills, healthy food, health care, training and jobs, and a safer community. These directories would be placed in local schools and businesses and could also be included on a website. Later, a community hotline could be developed. To suggest a resource to include in the directory, contact Houston Wheeler at 404-578-5837. The website is under construction. The group is also working on a good neighbor agreement with Trestletree.
J. D. Sims Recreation Center: Ina Williams and Kellie Hunter presented. Sims Center specializes in dance, including jazz, ballet, and tap classes every week. They want to make sure children are aware of their opportunities. The center is located on Angier, just off Boulevard. Transportation is available from certain schools, including Wesley International Academy. For more information, contact Ina Williams at
SAND Committee Chairs: Ana Allain Posner then presented the list of proposed committee chairs. These include Fred Smith for Land Use and Zoning, Bob Titus for Transportation, Terry Roth as ANCS Representative, and Peter Pankiewitz as Wesley International Academy Representative. This slate of committee chairs was approved by SAND membership. Chairs are still needed for the following committees: Communications, Fundraising, Membership, Schools and Children, and Webmaster. A secretary for SAND is also needed. Ana then nominated Fred Smith to serve as SAND’s representative on the Porch Press board. This nomination was also approved by the SAND membership.
Schools and Children Committee Report: Terry Roth reported on the progress at Maynard Jackson High School. Students are now back in the building after being relocated for the past 18 months during the $40 million renovation. Terry urged all residents to take advantage of any tour opportunities. Another $12 million was spent to develop the International Baccalaureate Program. Students are now studying abroad in France and Argentina, seven have been named as Governor’s Scholars, and many others have high achievements. This is an exciting time for this school. On January 16, a speech will be presented at Maynard Jackson detailing the state of the Jackson Cluster. Terry urged all residents to attend and use the opportunity to tour the school and learn about the recent changes.
APD Zone 6: Lt. Floyd reported that residential burglaries have occurred, but the number of incidents is no more than normal during the holiday season. Unfortunately, no burglary arrests have been made. Resources in Beat 607 include a beat officer, traffic officer, and two officers with the crime suppression unit. Lt. Floyd suggested all residents maintain photo binders with photos and serial numbers for all valuable items in their homes, to assist in recovering stolen property.
Update on 800 Glenwood: Ana noted that things are still in a holding pattern. A lawsuit to appeal the rezoning was filed by Fuqua Development and Lafarge Concrete. An appeal of the BZA ruling that residents had no standing to appeal the special administrative permit is also winding its way through the system. Both cases have been assigned to the same superior court judge. No dates have been announced for either case. This effort needs volunteers to help with communication and fundraising. Donations can be made to
Announcements: Ana reminded everyone to sign up for the Kroger Community Awards Program and select SAND as your charity of choice.
A vote on the budget will be taken next month.
A change is proposed to the SAND bylaws, to provide a business membership separate from the regular membership. The proposed new category will include a $150 charge for business memberships. Eligibility requirements have not changed.
A correction to the December minutes was proposed to include the election of Paul Wright as SAND’s treasurer. With this change, the minutes were approved.
The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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