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SAND Full Body Meeting – Thursday, September 13, 2018

 SAND Full Body Meeting
Thursday, September 13, 2018
Call to order Welcome new residents and guests (7:34 pm)
Introduce SAND governing board
Announcements (5 minutes): Seeking the following positions to be filled: Communication Chair, Woodland Hills Neighborhood Rep. Join as a SAND business member for $50/year! 2019 Board Election Call for Candidates – Election will be held at October 11 full body meeting for 2019 board. Positions currently with no one running: Vice President, Secretary, Transportation, Woodland Hills, Benteen.
Special Guests (5 minutes): Prospective Business – Kristen & Kevin – Biergarten – Kristen & Edward looking to open a biergarten serving beer and wine & non-alcoholic options in Benteen Park “Think brewery in terms of vibe.” Highlighting local craft beers and selling local packaged foods (not made onsite). Exemptions from separation distances would require a change in the alcohol ordinance. Motion on the floor to support the development of the business assuming the two neighboring churches support the changes to the alcohol ordinance – carries unanimously.
Zone 6 (5 minutes) – Requesting enforcement of the stop sign at Berne & Woodland.
Beautification (5 minutes) – Three projects we are working on 1) Adoption of Eastwood-Emerson Triangle: Application has been submitted to Park Pride. We will look to the neighbors to help maintain as well as quarterly projects. 2) Move adoption of Stoney Point Park from Red Robin to SAND 3) Hemlock Triangle – Watershed is working on a water retention project for Moreland Place & Hemlock Circle. Handout from Beautification. Concern: Sidewalks need to be installed from Berne to Glenwood, this design only looks at a small area at Hemlocke – Nathan to review with the city the scope of the sidewalk installation.
Transportation (5 minutes): East Confederate Ave Renaming – Motion to support the rename to “United Ave” supported unanimously. Sidewalk Committee – First meeting had five attendees. Working on building a list of problem sidewalk areas so the neighborhood can prioritize fixes.
Treasurer (5 minutes): Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards. Trolley’s available for $40 unpainted, $50 painted. Neighborhood Halloween Street Closure – $305 – Motion to approve expense carries unanimously. Yard Sale Expense Approval – Yard Signs & Facebook Promotion – Motion to approve expense carries unanimously.
Social (5 minutes): Community Yard Sale | Sept 22 | Signups available now at! Map available online at Questions? Email Vanessa at $15/house to be listed on our map. Interested in hosting a social hour for SAND at your home? Let us know!
Public Safety (5 minutes): Trolley Patrol – Yard Sale! Redefining the paths of officers and boosting their visibility. Seeking a communications chair.
Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z) (5 minutes per): V-18-259 – 585 Warwick St SE – Variance to construct second level on top of existing single-family home | LUZ voted unanimously to approve. | SAND voted unanimously to approve. Z-18-094 – 1155 Custer Ave SE – Application to rezone parcel from C-1-C to C-1 to build multifamily residences | LUZ voted unanimously to Defer/Deny | SAND voted unanimously to overturn the denial motion of LUZ | Motion to approve the rezone passes unanimously conditional to the site plan provided to SAND with a three story height limit. Z-18-098 – 1445 Marion St SE – Application to rezone parcel from R-4 to R-4A to allow for subsequent subdivision to allow construction of four new detached single-family dwellings | LUZ voted to approve 6-2-3 | SAND voted unanimously to support the rezone. SD-18-031 – 947 Mercer St SE – Application to subdivide. Review & comment only, no vote.
Approval of August 2018 Meeting Minutes (below) | SAND voted to approve unanimously. Call to close at 9:08pm.

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