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SAND Full Body Meeting – July 11, 2019

Call to order Announcements (5 minutes): Voting rights (3 meetings, or $10). Seeking the following positions to be filled: Treasurer, Woodland Hills Neighborhood Rep.

Zone 6 (5 minutes): Zone 6 Evening Watch Commander Luther Grigsby – On duty from 12pm-10/11pm: P: 470-451-3259 | E: Q: Any plans for United and Moreland? A: If there is a transaction concern that should be red flagged at a higher level. Q: Eastland and Moreland is also a bad intersection for speeding. A: I’ll see about getting a traffic car setup there. Q: Can you provide crime reports to NPU-W and SAND? A: Sure. Q: Anything happening with dirt bikers? A: CoA has a plan w/ state. Zone 6 can’t do anything, but tactical units can.

City/State/School/Other Elected Officials (5 minutes): Atlanta City Parks Department (Brownwood Park Recreation Center) – Q: Public meeting? A: Yes, since EACA went long and we didn’t get everything out. Want true facilitated discussion. We’re working on a master plan for parks and rec centers. Not scheduled yet. Q: Who will be the facilitator? A: Don’t know yet. Some people in the park design dept has done it, and we’re considering going outside for that. Q: Brownwood Park Master Plan. Can we access that? A: Parks design team might have that. They’re separate team from Master Plan team. We can check with them. Q: Is this just NPU-W, EACA and SAND distribution? A: No. But they will 3 transmission points. We are using our own social media pages as well. Q: Is the survey mobile friendly? A: It’s a survey monkey link, so it should be. SAND Pres: We’ll distribute that information as soon as we hear from the city, & we’ll share on social media.

Special Guests (5 minutes): Shirley Harris from Beulah Heights – Did not attend. East Atlanta Kids Club (EAKC): Amechi Okoh (Program Director) – EAKC spent all 20 years at Brownwood. 2-year lease is up for renewal & CoA is going through master plan & possible redesigns. Serves children in Trestletree, the surrounding neighborhood, and serves the Maynard Jackson cluster. Q: Have you dug down and thought about which model offered by CoA that EAKC prefers? A: Preferred model is to have partnership w/ CoA. We’d prefer to go back to MOU model, like we had in the past. City staffed it & ran it to make it available to the public. Meeting on Tuesday made it seem like it’s not an option. Second option is RFP, so we may have to compete with other programs. The RFP process would be a rotation of programs, & EAKC is a year-round program. Ebony Martin (Wilderness Works) – Showing support for EAKC. One of the few programs that helps at risk & homeless children. Their programs for free during the week & on the weekend help the community. Statement: EAKC is a consistent beneficial force. A rotating program may not have same benefit to the community. Q: How many children served daily? A: Increased Summer Camp enrollment through $100K grant. Allowed for second bus. 45-50 students a day. After school program is 20-30 students daily. Kids club 2nd through 5th, 2 times a week. Teen club, they come the other 2 days a week. Saturday reach other students who can’t reach us during the week. Children ride our bus from school, to the club, & to their home. We have the bike rally with 300+ attendees, volunteers. We have an Easter Egg hunt, a back to school supply drive. So this doesn’t capture the number. We’re a STEAM based program, not a daycare. Statement: 2nd year her daughter has been with EAKC. They’re not a glorified babysitter. We need them. Two points of clarity from CoA: It’s not about if EAKC provides a good program. We’re going through community engagement process to find out what community wants from the rec center. There’s some misinformation on RFP. At the open meeting we’ll be able to provide clarity on process.

Communication (2 minutes) – Like SAND on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Submit any ideas for the newsletter to us. Looking to do our own survey to ask community what they’d like SAND to prioritize & get suggestions on programming. Q: Someone said they were going to post about the transportation proposal that was put together? Is that there? A: Yes, it’s on the website & under the transportation document. We’re looking to work with ABC to get the conversation moving on BKW. Long term a pedestrian/bike bridge will be built over I-20, but ABP is looking at short-term solutions.

Treasurer (5 minutes): Amazon Smile / Kroger Rewards. Trolleys are available for $40 unpainted, $50 painted. Biggest expenditure was the $2k to the PATH Foundation for the feasibility of the Intrechment Creek trail. We’ve brought in $1,400 this year, mostly from trolley sales, SAND memberships, and the Amazon Smile and Kroger Rewards.

Education/Schools: Going to try and post about school supply drives that are coming up. Publix does support schools and you can sign up for that.

Social (5 minutes): SAND/Trolley Patrol Yard Sale – Saturday, August 17, 9am-2pm. Register at:

Land Use and Zoning (LU&Z) (5 minutes per): V-19-147 1081 Edie Ave SE – Applicant seeks to eliminate the front porch requirement on the front façade, and allow front facing garage door without being recessed at least ten (10) feet from the front façade | LUZ voted unanimously to approve. Front porch requirement is a relatively new zoning requirement (posted late May/early June), & design has been ongoing for quite some time. Adhering to requirements requires removing 1-2 healthy trees. SAND: Votes to pass unanimously. V-19-155 1504 Woodland Ave Ormewood Park – Applicant seeks a variance to Increase the maximum size allowed for an accessory structure from 30% of the size of the primary structure to 110% of the primary structure and allow an accessory structure to project in front of the primary structure. | LUZ voted unanimously to defer/deny the application. Applicant not present. SAND: Votes unanimously to defer/deny the application.

Approval of June 2019 Meeting Minutes – Approved. Meeting adjourned: 8:17pm

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