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Porch Press Board Meeting January 13, 2014

Recorded by Nancy Leighton
Persons in attendance: Kris Raper, Nancy Leighton, Fred Smith, from SAND, Henry Bryant, Genie Strickland, Howard Fore, from East Atlanta, Lyn Hillman, Mia Pond from Grant Park, Stephanie Fretwell-Hill Coordinating Editor, Rebecca Goode-Peoples, Grant Park Editor.
Minutes: October (2013)needed. Since Penny has resigned, Kris went to the files to find the last minutes. Minutes were accepted as read.
Treasurers report: (Fred Smith)
Wells Fargo checking                   $12,036
BOND checking                          $11,296
BOND savings                            $26,000
Discussion of CD from BOND. Treasurers Report accepted as presented.
History of the PP: for the benefit of new board members Henry discusses the Porch Press going back to the piggy-back rail yard days in the 1980s revealing reasons for some ad policies. Before 2003 there was internal tension, and a family counselor who volunteered to help recommended that the board schedule social time for the group so that it would not always be under crisis management when it met.
Financial Report: Does an 8 page paper pay for itself? No, we need more advertising to have larger paper. A 12 page paper hardly pays for itself. 16 page or above is necessary to break even or get in the black. This is due to mailing costs. When papers are small, reserves are used to cover costs.
Reading of the minutes: Kris located copy of October (2013) Minutes and printed them out read and approved.
Election of Board Members: both Stephanie Fretwell-Hill and Rebecca Goode-Peoples were nominated by GPNA. Stephanie was voted in as new Porch Press board member from Grant Park to replace Penny Luck. Other board members up for election from SAND and EACA all approved.
Election of Secretary: Nancy Leighton elected.
Editorial: Stephanie discussed several people responded to articles requesting editors. Rebecca said some people backed off when they found others are also interested. Everything fell through for SAND so Kristin is still willing to continue as temporary SAND editor. Carlen Hultgren has volunteered for East Atlanta editor. Stephanie met with everyone and several eliminated themselves. We need stories from SAND, that’s a problem with no SAND resident for editor.
Internet: Facebook: Lyn is handling Facebook. She will prepare an ad to run in the paper promoting Facebook likes.
Distrabution/Cirulation: Earth Shaking Music papers are on the floor. Hodgepodge papers are piled on table. No box yet, need to get box from Ormewood Park Presbyterian Church.
Proofreading: Lyn says she could use a few more proofreaders.Stephanie will prepare an article.
Internet: Howard, Connecting articles to Facebook. Twitter account log-in was lost when Darin Glass left. Looking for advertising app but not there yet. Lyn has access to hosting account.
Hardware & Software: Our equipment, we have all hardware and software updated but they are not installed yet. Henry and Kirk will work on that together.
Advertising: Fred reports that several advertisers called with ads after we went to print last month. Discussion of google group spread sheet to keep track of who we’ve approached. Stephanie asks about Kristin getting into advertising. Everyone should be selling ads. Kristin can focus on it if she is willing.
Mia suggests that when we approach an advertiser we tell them that advertising in the Porch Press is “supporting the neighborhood.”
Henry points out that people have to see an ad 7 times before the ad sinks in.
Next Board Meeting: next board meeting will be April 14. Should we switch to a Saturday and include breakfast and lunch to make a mini-retreat meeting? It is decided by vote to try for April 5 and Martha Brown Church. Genie will ask for donations of food & beverages.
Adjourned 9:25pm

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