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Porch Press Board Meeting 7/8/13

By Penny Luck
Board members present were Henry Bryant, Kris Raper, Mia Pond, Genie Strickland, Penny Luck, Fred Smith and Lyn Hillman, Nancy Leighton and Howard Fore.  The meeting was called to order and the January minutes were approved as published in the paper and the minutes of April 20, 2013 were approved as amended.
Treasurer, Fred Smith arrived late and the treasurer’s report was then presented and approved.  We are currently producing a 12-page paper with approximately half of those pages advertisements.  At this ratio, we will continue to lose money.  It was suggested that we approach the new business in the East Atlanta village along with the businesses in Glenwood Park.  Nancy Leighton suggested mailing the paper to existing businesses in the area.  After some discussion the idea was approved as a motion.  Run for the Park has requested a donation from the paper.  Rather than give them a donation it was agreed to provide them with free advertising in the paper, as was done in 2012.
Personnel Report:  Stephanie Fretwell-Hill is on board as coordinating editor.  Marc Takacs has resigned from the board but will stay on as East Atlanta editor until that position can be filled.  Two people have volunteered for the Grant Park editor position and they will be interviewed by Stephanie Fretwell-Hill. Henry Bryant to update the masthead and forward to Stephanie for inclusion in the next paper after all replacements have been made.
Distribution Report:  We still need a box in the southern area of the neighborhoods.  Several possibilities were discussed including Earth Shaking Music, Moreland Plaza, and the Aldi grocery area.  The box at Ormewood Park Presbyterian Church will be removed as soon as the necessary tools are procured.
Proof night has had new volunteers appearing and Nancy will continue to send emails as reminders to volunteers to show up.
Production continues to go pretty well except for reoccurring equipment/software problems.  If basic problem solving techniques do not work at the next production night, it was the consensus of the board to call a software consultant.  A motion was offered and agreed upon to authorize up to $800 for repairs.  Henry Bryant will coordinate the activity.
Web report:  Currently Lyn Hillman puts the finished word document in Dropbox and Howard picks them up for the webpage.  It is the paper’s goal to have a web version of the paper within a week of paste-up, usually by the 15th of the month.
The next meeting will be October 14, 2013.  Adjournment was at 8:36pm.

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