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Notes on Neighborhood: December 2011

NPU-W August 24, 2011

7:30 p.m. Martha Brown Church
NPU-W Chair Edward Gilgor called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

  • The NPU approved an change in ownership for the alcoholic beverage license at Exxon Food Mart, 1981 Flat Shoals Road, conditioned on EACA’s approval.
  • The NPU approved an alcohol license for Octane Coffee Bar and Restaurant, a new business at 437 Memorial Drive.
  • The NPU approved a special event permit for Hotoberfest, which will take place October 1 in Glenwood Park.
  • The NPU approved a special event permit for the East Atlanta Strut, which will take place on September 17 in East Atlanta Village.
  • The NPU approved a special event permit for the Monster Dash, a 5K race in Grant Park, scheduled for October 15.
  • The NPU approved a motion to support the neighbors’ right to a hearing in appealing a tree-cutting permit issued for property at 1098 Moreland Avenue.

Atlanta Police Department, Zone 3: Officers reported some improvement in auto thefts. Last month 21 auto thefts took place. Dodge cars are most commonly stolen. Battery locks are recommended and can be purchased at auto supply stores. Copper thefts from air conditioning unit are still occurring. Three robberies were committed, two of which were in the bar district late at night. Many burglars are being arrested due to educated citizens calling with good descriptions of the perpetrators and their vehicles.
APD, Zone 6: Officers reported that larcenies from vehicles continue to be the dominant crime. Laptops and iPhones are frequently the target of the larcenies. Officers encouraged residents to be sure to take all items from autos when exiting them.
COPS Unit: Officer Tate reported on the community oriented policing which will handle issues such as code compliance and attendance at special events.
District Attorney’s Office: Claire Farley, the Zone 3 Community Prosecutor, reported that the burglar apprehended by a neighbor and held until police arrived was sentenced to seven years and banned from Grant Park. Another suspect charged with armed robberies in Thomasville had his case postponed. Community support for the victim is needed when this case comes to trial. Paul Camarillo, the new Zone 6 Community Prosecutor, was also introduced to the group.
Department of Public Works: Michael Ayo reported on the problems with the new solid waste program known as Three in One. All solid waste services including garbage, recycling, and yard waste were to be provided on the same day. Tuesday is the new pick-up day for all southeast Atlanta. However a number of residents reported no pick-ups, some for several weeks. Mr. Ayo reported that equipment failure was the reason for the delays. NPU Chair Ed Gilgor will schedule a meeting with city officials to resolve the issues. Street sweeping will begin in southeast Atlanta on September 7 and will focus on one city quadrant per month. A new four-way stop is going in at Woodward and Cherokee, and the bike lane on Bill Kennedy way is being extended past I-20.
Atlanta Parks: Eddie Parks, Park Operations Manager, reported. The Grant Park pool will remain open until Labor Day. Chastain Arts Center is offering a fall arts program. Call 404-252-2927 for details. No information was available in response to questions regarding the potential moving of the Cyclorama out of Grant Park.
Code Enforcement: Jason Baill provided a report on recent code enforcement cases in NPU-W. Currently there are 14 cases submitted for research and 15 notices submitted for mailing. Three extensions were requested and 11 cases transferred in rem. Voluntary compliance was gained in 111 cases and no violation found in 116 cases. Residents with code enforcement concerns may call 404-330-6190.
Chair’s Announcements: Atlanta School Board Chair Brenda Mohammad will hold a meeting Tuesday, August 30 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Parkside Elementary School for residents to meet the new APS superintendent Erroll Davis.
Public Safety Committee Report: Ron Lall reported on alcohol license applications and special event permits.

  1. The Exxon Food Mart at 1981 Flat Shoals Road has requested a change of ownership to their existing business. Property ownership is not changing. The business owner has signed the good neighbor agreement. The NPU Public Safety Committee recommends approval conditioned on EACA’s approval. The application was approved without objection.
  2. Octane Coffee Bar and Restaurant at 437 Memorial Drive is a new business seeking an alcohol license. The committee recommends approval. The application was approved without objection.
  3. Muslim Day is a festival planned for early October in Grant Park. No one from the festival was present to speak to the application, and it was not taken up for a vote.
  4. Hotoberfest will take place October 1 in Glenwood Park. Proceeds benefit Trees Atlanta and Legacy World Missions, which provides school supplies and food for children in Uganda. The application was approved without objection.
  5. The East Atlanta Strut will take place on September 17 in East Atlanta Village. Several streets will be closed. Attendees are encouraged to ride bicycles and not to drive. Bike corrals will be provided free of charge. The application was approved without objection.
  6. The Monster Dash, a 5K race in Grant Park, is scheduled for October 15. Participants will meet at the Zoo at 8:30 a.m. The application was approved without objection.

Land Use and Zoning Committee Report: Ed Gilgor reported.

  1. Neighbors have appealed a tree-cutting permit issued for property at 1098 Moreland Avenue that would destroy a number of mature hardwoods to create parking for a pizza delivery business. The owner has asked the Tree Commission to dismiss the appeal as frivolous. This would allow it to be dismissed with no hearing. SAND recently voted to support the residents’ appeal. Issues on the danger of more curb cuts were also mentioned. Mr. Gilgor requests the NPU support the residents’ right to a hearing. The NPU approved the request without objection.
  2. The Beltline Subarea 4 Master Plan was approved by City Council after NPU-W expressed specific concerns and refused to approve the plan in two separate votes. There are concerns that the NPU votes were not considered by Council. This marginalizes the NPU and the voice of neighborhood residents. Mr. Gilgor is looking into this matter and will report back at the next meeting.
  3. On September 1, the Board of Zoning Adjustment will consider the appeal regarding the replatting at 731 Moreland Avenue. The NPU voted at the last meeting to deny the owner’s appeal of the revocation of a previously issued replat that was approved in error. The BZA hearing will take place at City Hall on September 1 at noon.

Governmental Entities: State Rep. Ralph Long, representing District 61 which includes parts of Atlanta, East Point, and College Park, reported on the recent events of the General Assembly. Reapportionment of districts is the primary issue and will probably move Rep. Long’s district northward. He is also hosting a forum for Board of Education candidates at Atlanta Metropolitan College on October 13 at 7:00 p.m. in conference room A. Anyone who needs to reach Rep. Long can do so at his cell phone: 770-616-2130.
Transportation Committee Report: Bob Titus reported. The Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable, representing the Atlanta metro region, is in the process of determining projects for the T-SPLOST. The southeast sector of Atlanta will get nothing if the recommendations of the executive committee are adopted. Of the $7 billion total available, recommended projects include $3 billion for roadway improvements. Meetings with city officials are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on September 15 at City Hall and September 28 in Maloof Auditorium in Decatur. Moreland bus rapid transit and the MARTA East I-20 transit initiative were projects supported by NPU-W. Neighbors attended all meetings at which project lists were developed, and letters of support from the NPU and neighborhood associations were sent to elected officials, all to no avail.
Announcements: The Grant Park Moth Ball will take place on Saturday, October 8 at ZooAtlanta.
Adjournment: With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

SAND Meeting Minutes, October 2011

By Zach Juno
Motion to approve resolution presented by transportation committee approved unanimously:
WHEREAS it is desirable for transit along the I-20 East corridor to connect to the Atlanta Beltline and the MARTA Gold Line, and
WHEREAS the neighborhoods of Reynoldstown, Edgewood, Kirkwood, East Lake, SAND, and East Atlanta contain a substantial concentration of transit-dependent households (over 25%) in the I-20 East corridor, and
WHEREAS the neighborhoods along I-20 west of I-285 (in both Dekalb and Fulton counties) have paid the same penny for MARTA that the neighborhoods east of I-285 have paid, and
WHEREAS BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) not in a dedicated right-of-way, has both an unacceptably low level of service and an unacceptably low degree of infrastructure permanence to effectively serve our communities, and
WHEREAS it is unacceptably disruptive to those communities to tunnel under Kirkwood or Oakhurst, regardless of method (“cut-and-cover,” use of a tunnel boring machine, or otherwise), and
WHEREAS the Transportation Investment Act should not be allowed to interfere with or prejudice the selection of the MARTA Locally Preferred Alternative, and
WHEREAS additional funding for TIA-M-023, MARTA I-20 East from Indian Creek to Wesley Chapel would force the alignment expressed by the alternative designated “HRT3” to be built, and
WHEREAS the plan for spending the $225 million currently allocated to MARTA I-20 East transit by the draft TIA project list would buy right-of-way for only the stations East of I-285 and at Candler Road and create express bus service from Stonecrest Mall to Downtown, Stonecrest Mall to Cumberland Mall, and Stonecrest Mall to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport,
Therefore let it be resolved that SAND:

  • Recommends that the Tier 2 Alternative designated “HRT1”, “LRT1” and “BRT 1” to be chosen for the Locally Preferred Alternative of the MARTA I-20 East Transit Initiative, and
  • Recommends that the alternatives designated “HRT2” and “HRT3” NOT be chosen as the Locally Preferred Alternative, and
  • Recommends that the Atlanta Regional Roundtable reject Amendment 7 to the TIA project list, and
  • Recommends that the $225 million TIA-M-023 funding plan include right-of-way acquisition for all future transit stations in the corridor including Gresham, Glenwood, Moreland or Beltline, and Turner Field instead of bus service to Cumberland Mall or Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Motion: LU&Z – motion to defer or deny application for 571 Moreland Avenue exception for privacy wall passed 15-1
APD Zone 6 report – Lt Stephens
New Zone 6 community prosecutor – Paul Camarillo

SAND Meeting Minutes, September 2011

By Ken Boff
Transportation: SAND unanimously passed a resolution regarding this, as follows:
SAND resolves to support the inclusion of the following projects on the list of projects to be funded by revenue from the TIA/SPLOST:

  • MARTA I-20 from Atlanta (downtown) to Candler Rd.
  • Moreland Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) from I-285 to Inman Park MARTA rail station
  • Atlanta Beltline segment from Glenwood Park to Auburn Ave. street car loop”

Land Use & Zoning: 617 Hemlock Circle lot subdivision. Applicant wants to subdivide one lot into two lots. The property was originally two lots that were subsequently combined into one. No opposition.
Minutes: The minutes from the 8/11/2011 SAND meeting were unanimously approved.
Zone 6 APD Report – Sgt. Stephens from APD delivered the police update, last month as compared to 1 year ago:

  • Crime is down in every category except burglaries.
  • Auto thefts are down 50%
  • Extra officers have been added to Zone 6 patrols.

SAND resident Matt Podewitz reported that on weekends there is soliciting by adults and children at Moreland Ave./I-20 and Moreland Ave./Memorial Dr. The adults and children soliciting are walking in traffic on Memorial Dr. They do not have solicitation permits.
Cyclorama Moving?!  Paul Simo Chair of the GPNA History Committee reported that the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Task Force is investigating moving the Cyclorama painting out of Grant Park. A petition was circulated for signatures of people who oppose this move. The Atlanta Preservation Society will have an online petition on their website soon. The Cyclorama building is still suitable and safe; the Mayor’s task force is only considering moving the painting. The sites for the painting to move to are the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead, the old World of Coca-Cola building at Underground Atlanta, and Centennial Olympic Park museum area. The cost of moving would be approximately $20 million for a new building plus another $10 million to move and restore the painting.  Neighbors are urged to call the mayor’s office to register opposition to the plan.
Mayor’s Forum: SAND resident Adam Brackman reported the Intown Neighborhood Alliance will meet with Mayor Reed on 9/28 at 7p at Inman Middle School to discuss citywide neighborhood issues.
Rain Barrel Workshop – Adam Brackman reported that there will be a rain barrel-making workshop if we can get 10 people enrolled and find a location. Contact Adam via email if interested.
East Atlanta Strut – The East Atlanta Strut will be Saturday, 9/7. Anyone interesting in helping with or donating books to the book sale should contact Lynn Bryant.
ANCS Yard Sale: SAND resident Terry Roth reported that the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School yard sale will be Sat. 9/24 from 8a to 2p, and Sun. 9/25 from 12p – 4p. 688 Grant St.
Sidewalks: PEDS sidewalk discussion will be Tue. 9/13 6:30p at the Auburn Ave. Research Library, 101 Auburn Ave. 4th floor auditorium. This is an opportunity to discuss funding sidewalk and ongoing maintenance with City of Atlanta Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza, and Transportation Planning Asst. Director Joshuah Mello.
Grant Application: Love Your Block Grants might help us get donations for block improvements! Contact Steve Norman for additional information.
731 Moreland Ave. Update: The hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) regarding the appeal of the replatting of 731 Moreland was postponed at the applicant’s request. The hearing will be Thu. 11/3 (not yet confirmed). The applicant did not submit any documentation to the BZA prior to the postponement.
Code Compliance: Anyone wishing to report code compliance violations call the Compliance Officer for the City of Atlanta, Jason, at 404-330-6190 x6064.
Public Safety – SAND Public Safety Chair Ron Lall reported two new liquor license applications to be heard at NPU-W in September: Bar One on Memorial Dr. and – Tomatillos Restaurant in East Atlanta Village..
Refuse to Be a Victim: SAND resident and SAFE Atlanta Matt Podewitz announced there will be a Refuse to be a Victim workshop at the Sandy Springs Gun Club (DATE/TIME?). This is NOT a firearms-related course. To register call the Sandy Springs Gun Club 770-394-4867.
Transportation – Ron Lall

  • The next quarterly Beltline Briefing is Tue. 9/13 at 6p at Atlanta Gas Light Auditorium, 10 Peachtree Place.
  • The Transportation Improvement Act meeting will be Thu. 9/15 6p at City Hall Council Chambers. There are 119 transportation projects on the list costing $6.1 billion. None of the proposed projects is in SE Atlanta.


  • SAND resident Joy Carter announced that the Atlanta Audubon Society’s Backyard Sanctuary Tour will be Sat. 9/10. Tickets can be purchased in advance from Joy or on the day of the tour.
  • SAND resident Paul Bolster announced that a meeting concerning housing for disabled people will be Tue. 11/15 at the Georgia Bar Association.

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