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Grant Park Neighborhood Association Minutes, August 21, 2012

By Laurie Baggett
7:34pm meeting commenced. Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA) President Russell Baggett thanked Zoo Atlanta & welcomed 41 attendees. Next meeting 9/18.
The Grant Park Criterium cycling race was a great success. President Beggett introduced Jim Elgar, 404-330-6052, from Council President Mitchell’s office. He reviewed an increased number of cameras & communication regarding college & universities campus security (ie: Georgia State).
Vice President Lauren Rocereta introduced new 7 members, and Ellen Hopkins, the new pastor of St. Paul’s Methodist Church. She discussed committee sign-up sheets & passed them out. Grant Park Neighborhood Watch block captains needed. Go to and search for Grant Park Security Patrol for information.
Secretary Laurie Baggett has last meeting’s notes up front for review.
Treasurer Michelle Botwinick reviewed accounts. All donations to GPNA are 501 (c) (3) tax deductible charitable contributions.
Public Safety Committee Chair Chris Newman introduced Miguel Sepulveda, director of Crime Stoppers in greater Atlanta, who discussed a commission-based non-profit call center which answers calls with tips on crimes to help to solve crimes. It is community funded, offering $2000 cash rewards, and helped to solve >524 cases. Chris made a motion to donate $500 to Crime Stoppers; it was unanimously approved., a 501 (c) (3) organization. He recognized 2 family members of David McReynolds in attendance. He reviewed 2 permitted events coming up in Sept.- Muslim Day 2012, an outdoor festival in the park on Sept. 8 & 9, Sat. & Sun. from 10am to 6pm. He made a motion to approve the permit. It was unanimously approved. A second motion was made to support a transfer of ownership at the BP station at 245 Memorial Drive at Hill St., was seconded & unanimously approved. House in the Park, an outdoor dance contest on Sept. 2 from 10 to 8 pm, was discussed by producer Ramone Rasso.  A move made to support, all in favor. Chris thanked Claire Farley, Zone 3 community prosecutor, for her attendance. Bar One issues are still being discussed at NPU-W. Community Court Watch training Tues. 9/11 from  5:30 to 7:30pm, Contact Janet Martin with Reminder to not leave any valuables in cars. Be alert/ be aware.
Economic Development Committee Chair Jeff Rogers needs help with ideas to promote Grant Park businesses. A list of available commercial spaces will be found at
President Russell Baggett made announcement to amend the Bylaws to change the name of the Education & Children’s Issues Committee to Grant Park Parents’ Network Committee. Marie Mower announced a free puppet show & bake sale on Sat. at 10:00am & the third sat of each month at 6:00pm. Andrea, a parent at International Academy, is submitting a Charter School 5-year renewal application and is asking support. Chris Newman made a motion to support, properly seconded, all approved.
A Fundraising Committee Chair is still needed.
Historic Committee Chair Paul Simo said the committee meets the third Monday each month at Atlanta Preservation Center at 7:00pm. Six Certificates of Appropriateness are in process currently.
Land Use & Zoning Committee Chair Rick Hudson was not present. The old church on Boulevard was discussed. They wish to improve the exterior of the building and sidewalks to get a Certificate of Occupancy. A motion was made to support  the resolution to not pay double for improvements via impact fees from the city of Atlanta,  $17,000 in improvements made would be used as a credit toward the impact fees, properly seconded, discussion and approved.
Parks & Recreation Committee Chair Sharon Jenkins not present. Bob Greenage discussed the Summer Shade Festival, 1st Sunday walking tours leaving from the Farmer’s Market. Info at Oct. 27 is the Lantern Festival.
Angela Hill, the new manager at Grant Park Rec Center, and Tally Spalvins, discussed Community Center being rented out for events. She’s hosting open houses to see the Rec Center & appreciates ideas for improvement. Police officers will begin patrols of the park & Rec Center. In November you’ll be able to book events on-line. Contact for calendar of events. Tally discussed the new name, “Office of Recreation & Child Development”. After school programs for ages 5 – 12 are $35 / week; youth athletic football & basketball programs for ages 13–16; different soccer program registration starts in September; adult basketball league coach, Anthony Knight; general activities like yoga on Th nights at 6:30pm with Mollie McLauren for slightly experienced beginners; T & TH 12:00 noon Zumba $35/month multi locations; step classes; martial arts; Mommie & Me dance T 10 – 2 in Sept. She invited GPNA for monthly meeting. Spin bike donations are needs – donate at Park Pride.
Technology Committee Chairs were not present. Please visit or Facebook.
Transportation Committee Chair Louie Ingle updated Atlanta Bicycle Campaign’s Streets Alive. He introduced Chantelle Rytter to discuss future events and hopes to have one in Grant Park. The next event is Oct. 7, Sun. at 2:00pm from Highland Bakery to Virginia Avenue to the Beltline, a 5-mile loop. Louie discussed increased meeting participation desired. Four way stops still in process at Woodward/ Cherokee & Berne at Marion.
Motion to approve minutes – correction to last name spellings, 2nded, approved.
Open floor: Sat. Sept. 8 at 8pm Lantern Parade on the Beltline.  Chris Newman discussed merger of Grant Park Security Patrol & GPNA’s Public Safety Committee all under one umbrella to be hashed out over next 6 months.  Lauren, owner of Baby Love Children’s Boutique has clothes, gifts, classes for moms & kids, warehouse sales – check it out.
9:14pm motion made to adjourn, so moved.

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