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Grant Park Crime Report

By Chris Newman (Grant Park Security Patrol)
In late February there was an arrest of three juveniles in a stolen car that was taken in a Grant Park carjacking. That arrest was on McDaniel Street to the west of the interstate. Since that arrest robberies and carjackings have stopped in the neighborhood. The neighborhood continues to have some problems with burglaries and the most recent have been on the far south end of the neighborhood on Mead, Robinson, Kendrick, and Confederate. The pattern has been the same as the earlier February burglaries. These burglaries have been occurring in the evenings, and typically a back door or broken window is the entry point. Typically laptops and jewelry are taken. Major Meadows has reported that his repeat offender officer is checking our area for any recently released offenders.
Security Patrol continues to remind residents and their guests to keep cars clean. With patrols at night, they seem to be seeing a decrease in vehicle larcenies, but as the weather becomes warmer, usually there is an increase in these types of crimes. Also there will be many visitors to the park and the zoo during spring vacations and that increased traffic presents an opportunity for thieves.
Baseball season has started so security patrol reminds residents who walk to Turner Field to be careful when walking home after the games. Try to walk with a group and leave the ballpark immediately after the game. In past years there have been robberies near the PhoenixPark on Georgia Avenue.
With the current level of support security patrol is able to continue with the weekend patrols Friday to Sunday. Sergeant Bailey, Officer Davis, and Officer Sluss will be on duty from about 6:00pm until 10:00 or 11:00pm, and occasionally from 10:00pm until 2:00am. Security patrol officers log in to the Zone 6 dispatch and respond to all 911 calls in our neighborhood. It is important that you call 911 if you see suspicious activities.
Thanks to all members for continuing support of the Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP). Second quarter payment of $40 per household is due now. Members who pay annually will be sent an email reminder when payment is due. It’s easy to pay online but, if you’d prefer to receive a hard copy of the invoice with an envelope to pay by mail, just email GPSP. If you are already a member, please encourage a friend or neighbor to join.
And a reminder to all members to notify GPSP if you are changing email addresses: If GPSP does not have your correct address you will miss crime alerts, invoices and more. Members who join online can verify their payments at the Security Patrol section of and also edit email addresses there. Otherwise, send your new email address to The patrol has converted to an email notification system so it is important to let the patrol know of any changes of email addresses. If you are still receiving a paper copy of the newsletter and invoice, patrol asks that you consider the switch. The email notification system has greatly streamlined the number of volunteer hours.
In case you are not familiar with GPSP, it is a nonprofit corporation run by volunteers. Membership costs $40 each quarter or $160 annually. GPSP uses that money to hire off-duty police officers to patrol the streets of Grant Park. During each patrol, the GPSP officer will usually pass each member’s house at least three times. If a member lets GPSP know that they will be out of town, additional attention is paid to their house while they are away. Since GPSP began over twenty years ago, burglaries in the neighborhood have dropped by 70% and some of that dramatic decrease can be attributed to the work of the GPSP officers. The more members GPSP has, the more patrol hours can be afforded, so please join! There is now a convenient online payment program. Just go to and click on Security Patrol at the top. Please let GPSP know how useful you find the online system as it is regularly being tweaked.
Thanks to Botwinick and Botwinick, APCO Graphics, Paul Harrison of Edward Jones Investments, Oldfield HOA, and Adams Realtors for sponsoring additional patrol hours.

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