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GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Location: Zoom

Call to Order–7:30pm.

President’s Introduction

Approval of the January Minutes

Unfinished Business

Public Official Update

  • David Dreyer – not present
  • Carla Smith – Sheryl Bennett presented for Councilperson Smith
    • Upcoming meeting on 3/18/2021 with Neighborhood Association presidents & NPU representatives about participatory budgeting related to public safety (specifically street cameras)

Special Orders

Item One Fundraising 

  • Request for funds from The Nest (local non-profit Nursery School) – John Kress
    • John Kress asks body for funds for The Nest via chat
      • “Like so many small businesses The Nest was hit very hard by the pandemic. They shut down all operations for 2 and a half months and, during that time, made many sacrifices to ensure the children and  staff were taken care of.

      • Unlike many childcare programs, they did not continue to charge tuition during closure, allowing families to make alternative childcare arrangements while they were closed

——They used their modest cash reserves to continue paying each of their educators during that time even though they were not charging tuition
      • When The Nest opened back up last June it did so carefully and at a reduced capacity to ensure all children and educators would be safe. Due to the reduced capacity they’ve been operating at a significant financial deficit of between $7- each month . They are tapping into their diminishing reserves in order to make up for the loss but they cannot sustain this loss much  longer.
      • $7-$10,000 operating loss each month”
    • Motion made by Eliza Adams for GPNA to donate $500 and motion is adopted
  • Update on Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) Placemaking painted traffic control boxes
    • Boxes located on 645 Grant Street @ Georgia Avenue and 627 Boulevard @ Berne Street
    • President Laura Keen thanks Stephen Powner for suggesting this idea for the NPU Grant

Item Two – Public Safety

  • Zone 6 representative update
    • Lt. Carroll reminds neighbors to not leave valuables in cars 
      • Question about the pre-arrest diversion program?
  • Neighborhood Planning Unit – W(NPU) joint public safety meeting has been changed to the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm EST
  • Pre-arrest diversion program & a 311 calling update
    • there’s a bit of confusion about the difference between calling 311 and 911 for these situations
    • there is a 911 shortage, but don’t hang up
    • call 311 for non-emergency calls
  • License Review Board (LRB) for a new venue at The Beacon/formerly Third Street Goods & Your Pie
    • both change of ownership
  • Reporting street lights if they’re burned out

Item Three – Land Use & Zoning

  • Beltline Update: Subarea 3 Master Plan – Lynette Reid presented for Nathan Solodat 
  • Special Application Permit (SAP) – Buteco 
    • No representative present, Skylar Hassan will follow up

Item Four – Transportation

New Business

  • Question about Grant Park Coffee House purchasing an old church at Cameron and Narrow Street. GPNA cannot have a meeting until there is an application, but they will plan an immediate neighbors meeting once the application is in. 
  • Request for donations of fresh vegetables for FFFridge. You can donate at 12:20pm on Thursdays or 2:30pm-6:00pm at  Park Avenue Baptist Church.

Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

Laura Keen – President ; Audra Cunningham – Vice President; Catherine Manci – Secretary; Gene Gibbs – Treasurer; Eliza Adams – Fundraising Chair; Skyler Hassan – Land Use & Zoning; Adelee LeGrand – Transportation Chair; Chris Newman – Public Safety Committee Chair; Paul Simo – Homes & History Committee Chair; Stephanie Taylor Warner – Technology & Communications Chair

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