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GPNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Call to Order–7:30pm.

President’s Introduction: Sunburst price increase due to increased production costs due to lumber costs and 50% increase in GPNA’s costs.

Treasurer’s Update: Requests for funding are due in October – more information coming in September. Grant requests are quarterly. GPNA Income Statement for the period of 01/01/2021 to 08/17/2021.

Approval of the July Minutes.

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety: Zone 6 Update – no officer available to give an update. Chris Newman gave the update that most crime is vehicle larcenies. Citizen police academy applications due August 23 for the fall session in September. Details and applications are found at the APD web site. Deonte Pollard will be the new liaison with court watch at the Fulton DAs office.

PAD update: Atlanta 311 for PAD related mental/behavioral health intervention. 7:00am to 7:00pm weekdays. They’ve been able to have intervention within 6 hours. Reminder about NPU-W Public Safety meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Community members can find meeting details and register at:

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning: Reminder about August 26 LUZ meeting. Voting and discussion on Special Use Application U-21-014 1039 Grant Street/The Beacon complex; implementation for paid parking for the Beacon. Vote will be held 30 minutes into the meeting. Discussion about proactive re-zoning of properties within ½ mile of a transit hub. Meeting will be fully virtual. Proposed Proactive Rezoning (CDP-21-43). Would convert R-4 & R-5 parcels to MR-MU. Local Grant Park Historic District regulations still apply, all affected parcels are within it. NPUs W & V hosting joint work sessions for the CDP on August 21st and in early September. The areas affected are in the North Grant Park area, north of I-20. There will be a work session in August with the planning team in attendance. NPUs W & V CDP Work Session, Saturday August 21 at 11:00: GIS Map link for CDP Affected Rezoning parcels.

Item Three – Homes & History: Homes & History committee is still meeting virtually on the 4th Monday of each month. Grant Park North National Register Historic District extension of boundaries & additional information is turned in. New boundary line for the Grant Park North National Register Historic district. Moved the period of significance from 1936 to 1959.

Item Four – Technology: Update on GPNA branding. A neighbor Courtney Garvin has offered to help up update our logo and branding. Final designs will be presented in September. GPNA is looking for a copywriter to support our online presence and website. There will be no changes to sunburst or significant color changes.

Item Five – Community Items: Beltline Subarea 4 Master Plan Update – Presentation postponed to September.

New Business: Update from the City Council meeting that the sleeping lion in Oakland Cemetery may be evicted. Deron Davis with the Nature Conservancy presents about South River Forest. Largest single publicly owned piece, 350-acre parcel/Prison Farm has been proposed as a public safety training center. He shared a news update on where city council is with this land. He asks community members to sign on in letting city council members know that we value the green space (SAND and EACA have both sent letters). GPNA can publish a proposed resolution and vote before September 7. Katie Howard presented about running for the Board of Education seat. Michelle Blackmon shared: Summer Shade UnFestival Season is upon us! There are many ways to participate this year and the Conservancy hopes you will join in the fun. Please visit for details and links to all events and items for sale. Thank you for supporting the UnFestival and the Grant Park Conservancy. With your support this year, we hope to bring SSF back to the park in 2022 for the 20th Annual Summer Shade Festival! Mario Johnson from The Beverly, by the Kroger, is opening a place right by the Beverly named Grant Park Social. It will be a bourbon bar that sells food, and they hope to open in the next month and a half. It will seat about 35 people. Nathan Clubb presented about running for the City Council Seat in District 1. Robert Sarwark presented that the deadline for all updates and news items for the Porch Press is the 25th of each month. Reach him at Jason Winston presented about running for the City Council Seat in District 1. Clarence Blalock presented about running for the City Council Seat in District 1.

Adjournment – 8:30 pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory: Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

Laura Keen – President; Audra Cunningham – Vice President; Catherine Manci – Secretary; Evelyn Pannell – Treasurer; Eliza Adams – Fundraising Chair; Skyler Hassan – Land Use & Zoning; Chris Newman – Public Safety Committee Chair; Paul Simo – Homes & History Committee Chair; Stephanie Taylor Warner – Technology & Communications Chair; Phillip Kelly – Transportation Chair

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