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GPNA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Call to Order–7:30pm; President’s introduction.

Voting Items: Public Safety – Beacon Guidelines for Future Events. There was a nearby neighbors meeting around the Beacon in relation to the shooting that took place. We’ve drafted guidelines for future events (for Beacon, Larkin, Jane, etc.) on these private properties. Since these events take place outside of city-owned property, the traditional event permitting process isn’t applicable. When an event outside the normal business operations of a tenant at the Beacon is proposed, the tenant shall: Notify the management in writing 14 days in advance. Management will then notify nearby neighbors and GPNA. We have a “Beacon neighbors” email directly for notification. State the date, hours (start & end time) and proposed number of attendees for the event. If the number of attendees exceeds the permitted number, then security will shut down the event. State whether this is an indoor or outdoor event. If indoor, verify the capacity of the tenant’s space and it must be within the fire marshal’s approved capacity. If outdoors, will there be food trucks or other amenities reducing the parking spaces. State if alcohol will be served. If being sold, show the proper city and state license of the vendor. State whether private security or APD will be contracted and provide contact name and number (if different than the Beacon Marksman Security). State whether there will be outdoor amplified music. Inform the promoter of the city noise ordinance. Affected neighbors will call security with new tenants contracting to operate a restaurant, we can incorporate these terms into the alcohol license submitted to LRB and request to reduce the volume and then call 911 if necessary.

Feedback: One neighbor raised a question about enforceability. Another neighbor mentioned that these guidelines are similar to the criteria for an event application, which might be helpful to show we’re not recreating the wheel.  One neighbor asked about the Beacon neighbors email and how it’s maintained. Anyone that would like to be on this list can email Voting to present to Asana and STREAM Management as an official letter on behalf of GPNA as a starting point for conversations. This vote was passed without any objections.

Public Official Update: Lt Nawin Capell with APD Zone 6 joined the meeting. He is the Day Watch Commander and can be reached at For the week, Grant Park is slightly up in crime. Most of the crime is related to car thefts and break-ins. Zone 6 recently received a second batch of vehicle anti-theft devices, which are available. Residents that own KIAs or Hyundais can come by the precinct (2025 Hosea L. Williams). Additional crime in the area includes stolen liquor from Manny’s. According to Lt Capell’s estimate, most of the vehicle thefts are impacting residents, not neighborhood visitors. One neighbor raised a concern about vehicle vandalism/break-ins near the intersection of Berne & Marion. He cited slow officer response time. Another neighbor asked about confirming an alcohol permit for 1039 Grant St Suite B40 (Grant Park Bar & Grill). Another neighbor raised concerns on Augusta about vehicle break-ins. There are concerns that this is happening in the daytime, not just in the middle of the night. Lt Capell mentioned that there are additional resources patrolling Grant Park and monitoring higher crime areas. This week, the commander released a summer plan that APD is about to implement as well. You can request a Directed Patrol Request for a specific address – you can call the precinct at 404-371-5002 in order to do this. Another neighbor raised concerns about a frequently ignored stop sign on Augusta and Oakland. Lt. Capell will add this area to a list for higher patrol areas for the beat officers.

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety: APD Zone 6 & Fire Station 10 Update – Graduation for 40 more firefighters coming into the fire department. Four will be assigned specifically to Station 10. Station 10 was awarded Station of the Year for 2023 by AFR. They are the busiest station in the city of Atlanta and were awarded based on how they manage emergency medical and fire calls they handle on a regular basis. Reminder for owners of KIA and Hyundai vehicles. Park patrol schedules – There will be one officer three nights a week from 8-2pm patrolling Grant Park and a few other parks in East Atlanta. There will also be an officer at the swimming pool. The Porch Press part 2 on juvenile justice – This will be coming out in the next issue. 

Upcoming Events: Neighborhood Jazz Series – Sunday, May 21 at 4:00pm in Grant Park.

Item Two – Transportation: Sidewalk Subcommittee Update – We are relaunching the Sidewalk Subcommittee. Last year, we looked at the state of the neighborhood sidewalks to see what we can do as a neighborhood in conjunction with larger city plans. This will be kicking off on May 31 (Zoom meeting) at 7:30pm. Neighbors interested in getting involved can reach out to Lyndsey Lewis at

NPU-W – We are getting $5,000 to support pedestrian maps and wayfinding signage. The goal is to grow the interconnectivity between SAND, East Atlanta Neighborhoods & Grant Park. This will be a project where we discuss safe pedestrian corridors and take input from the community about the best places to walk. We also hope to identify the key challenges for pedestrians in our neighborhoods. Those looking to get involved can contact Phill Kelly at

Item Three – Economic Development: Small Business Mixer 7:00pm to 8:00pm on May 30 at Grant Park Market. Refreshments will be provided and we’re looking forward to seeing you all!

Approval of the April minutes; new business; adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online Directory. Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

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