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GPNA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Call to order–7:30pm. President’s introduction, voting items, treasurer’s update: June monthly income statement can be found in Google Drive at

Public Official Update

APD Zone 6 & Davante Jennings, Chief of Staff for Rep. Miller, District 62.

Jennifer Freeman, Community Outreach Representative for U.S. Congresswoman Nikema Williams’ Office, can be reached at and 404-623-5452 (direct). She shared a few announcements and reminders: Jennifer and her team in the Atlanta district office are available to assist with passports, visas, SBA, missing refunds, medicare and SSN. Congresswoman William has secured $22M for Georgia State University to make their transportation fleet completely electric. Every year, congresspersons do a congressional app challenge, which is an opportunity for middle and high school students to create an app and submit in a competition for a chance to be displayed in the U.S. Capitol Building for a year. Jennifer is available for any questions or for more information.

Special Orders

Item One – Public Safety

APD Zone 6 & Fire Station 10 Update – Lt Nawin Capell, Atlanta Police Zone 6 Day Watch commander can be reached at We’re approaching the halfway point of summer. Violent crime is down overall in the city. Zone 6 crime is down 11% in the last 28 days. The last 7 days compared to these days last year is also down. Ace Unit has a new commander, which is helpful in alleviating the KIA and Hyundai thefts. If anyone needs auto deterrent devices still, they’re available for pickup at the Zone 6 Precinct. is available for people to connect their door cameras to help further deter crime in the area.

Report from Meeting with Major Webster, Zone 6 Commander – Quarterly public safety meeting, including all of Zone 6. Crime is down in auto theft, but it’s still the driving force of crime around our neighborhood. Major Webster also brought up an initiative they’re hoping to hire in the next week or so, a Victim’s Advocate. Any neighbor that’s a victim of a violent crime can contact the advocate. The program will be posted on the website once available. Major Webster is still working on procuring decibel readers.

Report for Alcohol License Application, Georgia Bar & Grill – The application can be found online at Michael Gallagher attended and confirmed that new ownership is completely separate and unrelated from the previous owner. There are areas on the application that are raising some questions for neighbors. The attorney for the Georgia Bar & Grill team (Candace Byrd) also attended the meeting. Regarding the noise, odor, and traffic point on the application, it’s a matter of clerical or word oversight (missing “not”). The business application is also currently listed for the wrong suite number. All errors in the application will be updated before next week’s NPU meeting, according to Candace Byrd. Rickey Cheely and Michael Gallagher are both willing and able to meet with neighbors as soon as possible to address any concerns. GPNA will coordinate a time and post on the website so all interested neighbors can join. Ricky Cheely, owner,; Michael Gallagher, manager, or 770-671-0114.

Park Patrol Updates – GPNA received a comment that neighbors have noticed officers patrolling in the park. This is a new initiative with the Parks Commissioner and the Mayor to help suppress crime in the park itself. Major Singh is coordinating the park patrols with off-duty officers in the evenings and weekends and working about 8:00pm-2:00am on weeknights and during the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays. Officers are also at the pool when open.

Summary of Beacon Neighbor Group & Augustine’s Meetings – Augustine’s meeting in relation to alcohol permits. It appears Augustine’s may be going out of business, but a reminder that NPU-W is the ultimate authority for all liquor licenses. This will be up for a vote next week. Whether the application will be removed is unclear.

Item Two – Land Use & Zoning

No applications for Grant Park this month.

BeltLine Overlay Voting Updates – Zoning Review Board ( voted to send two forward and rejected one. These votes are non-binding and serve more as a recommendation. Did not recommend Z-22-23 – Ordinance to Prohibit New Drive-Thru & Drive-In Uses in BeltLine Overlay. Did vote to recommend Z-22-22 – Ordinance to Remove Parking Minimums for All Zones in BeltLine Overlay. Did vote to recommend Z-22-24 – Ordinance to Prohibit New Service Station Uses in BeltLine Overlay.

Item Three – Community Items

Friends of Grant Park Pool ( – Suzanne Welander attended. The pool is free and open 12:30pm-6:30pm 5 days a week (Wednesday-Sunday). These hours will be in effect for two more weeks. At the end of July, the hours will switch to being open only Saturday and Sunday 12:30pm-6:30pm. The pool does have a clear bag policy this year, which is new. There is also a limit on capacity.

Historic Oakland Foundation Community Center – Historic Oakland Foundation will break ground on its new Visitor Center soon. On August 31 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm there will be an open house for Grant Park neighbors. The goal is to show off the newly restored Bell Tower, talk about the Visitor Center construction, and get neighbor feedback on programming opportunities at the new Visitor Center

GPNA grants at work – Atlanta Preservation Center summer camp for City of Refuge children. More information can be found in a recent Saporta Report article here.

Approval of the June minutes (, New Business, Adjournment – 8:30pm.

GPNA Officers and Steering Committee – Online directory: Visit for committee meetings and Zoom links.

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