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GPNA Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2018

GPNA Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2018
Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Zoo Atlanta ARC Building, Coca-Cola World Theater
Officers/Chairs Present: Dr. Michelle Kirby, President; Eliza Adams, Secretary; Chris Newman, Public Safety; Steve Powner, Economic Development; Laura Keen, Fundraising; Heidi Reis, Philanthropic; Stephanie Warner, Technology; Michelle Botwinick, Treasurer; Paul Simo, Homes & History
President – Dr. Michelle Kirby ( Welcome, housekeeping rules, and thanks to Zoo Atlanta for use of the theater for the meeting. Reminder – the purpose of the monthly general GPNA meeting is for GPNA officers/committee chairs, local organizations, elected officials, etc. to provide brief updates to the community. In-depth discussion occurs at the committee level.

  • Zone 6 APD Update – Lieutenant Crowder, Promoting clean car campaign. Uptick in package thefts. Residents with video on their porches have been helpful in catching package thefts. Auto theft in Zone 6 is much lower than the rest of the city.
  • Grant Park Conservancy (GPC) – Michelle Blackmon, Executive Director: Park Pride Visioning Meeting update. Design workshop on July 11; great turnout of 80+ people. Next step will be for architects to draw up a design. 16th annual Summer Shade festival August 25 and 26. Festival will kick off with an auction at the Beacon. Rebecca Jones will be in charge of logistics for the Summer Shade Festival. Liquor license for Summer Shade Festival approved.

Vice President – Ron Hatch ( – Update provided by President Dr. Michelle Kirby): Passed around committee sign-up sheet and encouraged neighbors to check in and sign up for any committee they may be interested in. Interested neighbors should hear from the committee chair, but if not, please know all committees are open to the public. You can contact committee chairs at for questions/concerns and see committee meeting dates on the GPNA calendar at Meeting signs available for neighbors to put in their yard. Please email
Secretary – Eliza Adams ( June minutes approval vote held towards the end of the meeting.
Treasurer – Michelle Botwinick: Reminder – GPNA is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Report – $32,005.66 currently in the treasury as of June 30. Funds are earmarked for certain projects and committees.
Public Safety – Chris Newman ( Public Safety meetings are held in conjunction with NPU Public Safety meetings every 4th Wednesday at 6:30pm. 300 block of Woodward Avenue – a 2005 Acura was stolen but recovered. Beware of scam artists pretending to be with alarm companies. If someone comes to your door saying they are with your alarm company, call the company to verify. Still trying to arrange a tour of the 911 call center. Asked for support to request a grant of $500 for a few extra officers to patrol the park and help with traffic control during the weekend of Labor Day for House in the Park. Waiting for the application for House in the Park, which will be held Sunday, September 2. Expecting 10K to 15K attendees. Motion to support the grant of $500 approved. Please send concerns to and keep your cars cleaned out of visible items! Brad Nevin – Grant Park Neighborhood Watch: if you need a block captain email; goal is to get to know your neighbors and help each other stay safe.
Fundraising – Laura Keen ( Seeking new sponsors and donations.
Economic Development – Stephen Powner ( Grant Park gathering to be held at Republic on Thursday, July 26, 6:00pm-8:00pm. Sunbursts are available for purchase at
Philanthropic – Heidi Reis ( – Update provided by President Dr. Michelle Kirby): Prepare meals for the families at The Nicholas House in Grant Park. Volunteers are needed. Please email Heidi at Eight volunteers showed up in June and served 40+ folks. Feel great about giving back to the community. 3rd Saturday of July and August (July 21 and August 18). 8-10 people is the ideal number of volunteers. Commit to 5:30pm-8:00pm. Premade meal to include entree, side salad OR vegetable, desserts, and drinks for 50 people (around 35 kids). Dinner served from 6:30pm-7:20pm. First servings, then seconds and then dessert. Use disposable plates, utensils and cups.
Technology – Stephanie Warner ( Make sure you and your neighbors are signed up to receive email correspondence from GPNA at We are looking for a way to allow neighbors to electronically sign-in at meetings to speed up the process. Technology Committee meetings are every 4th Tuesday, 8:00pm, 393 Ormond Street. Kroger Plus Cards neighborhood rewards and Amazon Smile (get info from website). Issues have been reported with Nextdoor and urgent alerts. Nextdoor is not a part of GPNA, but it is monitored by a few people on the steering committee.
Homes & History – Paul Simo ( Meetings every 4th Monday at Atlanta Preservation Center at 7:00pm; enjoy wine and cheese! Looking to extend the North Grant Park historic district into an area between Boulevard and Chastain Street called Taco Town. New construction at 627 Robinson Avenue will be discussed at the next committee meeting. Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) at 551 Cherokee Avenue – the owner is applying for demo. They will attempt to save the foundation Preservation tip of the month: invest in gutters to prevent water seeping into your foundation
Land Use and Zoning – Rick Hudson ( Department of City of Planning: Office of Housing and Community Development – Equitable Housing in Atlanta upcoming workshop: July 21, location TBD. Signatures are being collected in regards to the renaming of Confederate Avenue. In August legislation will be introduced for the renaming. The Land Use and Zoning committee will attempt to get legislation to come through it. At the August meeting a motion will be proposed to restrict the voting to residents of Confederate Avenue only. Once the vote comes out of the residents of Confederate Avenue, it will come back to Land Use and Zoning the next month with a recommendation to move forward. It will then be sent off to the city with legislation wrapping up in late September early October. The parking deck at the George apartments will officially reopen in August. BeltLine Rail now – MARTA is now recommending BeltLine northeast and southwest to have the transit on it for the next 40 years. Land Use and Zoning is recommending what has been recommended since 2005 from neighborhoods around the city, the city council and from the MARTA board, that MARTA complete the full BeltLine loop with transit and the path following along with it.
The following items received support via voice vote: Correction to June minutes. Michelle Botwinick was present at the June meeting. June 2018 minutes supported unanimously.
Adjourn: 8:30pm

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