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Galish Group Supports Fire Safety

By Kelly Galish
When Glenn Galish heard the horrific story of four Conyers children dying in a house fire with no working smoke detector, his heart sank to and he knew he had to do something. This hit hard for two reasons: first, his four children are the same ages as those lost in the fire; second, he knows the importance of smoke detectors after insuring hundreds of homes over the last 20 years as an independent insurance agent.
“If you have kids, having smoke detectors is only the first step,” Galish says. He recommends that you develop a fire escape plan and practice it a few times a year with your kids. Kids need to know what to do without thinking about it, so repetition is the key. Depending on age, they may do better thinking it’s like a game—to win, they need to get outside. “Its a hard balance to make sure they know it’s serious, without making it scary.” Constant communication and practice is the best way to be sure it sinks in.
Before a fire takes place, be sure every child knows at least two ways out of each room. Teach them to stay as close to the floor as possible, since hot air and smoke rise. The air nearest the floor should be the safest to breathe. If you encounter a closed door during your escape, feel the door before opening it. If it’s hot to the touch, use another exit. Teach your children how to get out, and to never, ever, hide in a closet or under the bed. Every child needs to know to keep low, get out, and get help.
Galish and the East Atlanta Village Insurance Agency recently gave away free smoke detectors to the community. Please test your smoke detectors regularly to be sure they are in good working order. If you do not already have smoke detectors, make obtaining and installing them a top priority.
The East Atlanta Village Insurance Agency has recently moved from Moreland Avenue to the old library building. For more information check them out on Facebook, go to their website at, or call 404-213-0007.

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