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East Atlanta Community Association February 2013 Minutes

• Kevin called meeting to order at 7:09 PM
• Kevin asked newcomers to introduce themselves
– Krista Mason, partner owns H. Harper Station; interested in possibly launching a business in EAV, wants to learn about zoning
– Monica Campana, executive director of Living Walls
– Sarah, finance director of Living Walls
– Ben and his wife, moved to EAV recently
– Carla & Tony, opened new store at 532 Flat Shoals
– Alfred Artis, on behalf of Rep. Stacey Abrams
– Paige & Fred Heurtin, new membership committee co-chairs
• Major Meadows – Zone 6
– Pattern of carjackings in 2013, beyond just Zone 6
~6 carjackings since Jan. 1 in Zone 6
Zone majors cooperated; arrested 6 individuals
Specific group of individuals targeting zone 6 and Buckhead; strategy is to attack them at the source (zones 1 and 4)
1 carjacking in zone 6 since the arrests
– Car break-ins
Started Clean Car Campaign–>urging residents not to leave electronics visible in the car
Car break-ins create environment for criminals to do other crimes
– Burglary concerns
Made 1-2 arrests on 612 beat
State releasing property offenders; APD targeting repeat offenders
• Repeat Offender Officer responsible for tracking these individuals
• 4-5 individuals being tracked in 612 beat
– Q&A
Steve DeVore commented that he’s seen several beat officers in the Village, appreciates that
• Beat officers instructed to talk to business owners regularly
Kevin says Major Meadows told EABA he required beat officers to walk beat twice per shift; but different officer said they were short on staff. Kevin doesn’t think that counts. But he saw 2 officers walking the beat the next day
• SWAT team trains nearby; horse patrol housed there too, they’ve agreed to patrol regularly
What kind of cars being hijacked?
• Mostly high-end; most criminals know APD has no-chase policy
• High-end, speedy vehicles being targeted because they can get away quickly, used for other crimes
What geographic area is included in 612?
• Most of the East Atlanta area; 1-20 to southern end of zone 6, east to East Lake, west to Moreland
Steve says there’s still a speeding/cut-through issue
• Major Meadows says he’ll ask motorcycles, commercial vehicles unit for help
• Committee chairs
– Andy Schneggenburger (Land Use and Zoning,, LUZ meets as part of NPU LUZ 1st Tuesday @ 7 PM @ Martha Brown)
– Jack Gruendler (Transportation,, committee meets concurrent with NPU-W Transportation @ 6:30 PM @ Martha Brown)
– Kate Crosby (Recycle EAV,
– Ted Bradford (VP, Public Safety, can help with liquor license, public safety, etc.,
– Henry Bryant (Porch Press editor); need help monthly–proofing, paste-up, writing, etc.; desperately need advertising
– Lewis Cartee (East Atlanta Parent’s Network,; goal is to make EAV family-friendly, 7 peer groups based on age of children (Lewis is also Education chair)
– Mary Yetter (Parks & Green Space,; maintain existing green spaces, explore possible new green spaces
– Rebecca Kern (Parks, Communications); planning community gathering each month, March-Oct, encourage community to use the park (soliciting names for event); helping Rec Center get customers
– Moko Moon & Rose Bigelow (Development,; host various social events, chili cook-off; goal is to raise money, foster development in the community to support EACA’s efforts
– Fred & Paige Heurtin (Membership); processing new memberships, sign orders; recruiting new members
• EACA budget
– Ralph motions to approve 2013 budget, seconded; all in favor
• Public Safety
– Liquor license application for new owner of 529
Approved at NPU-W January meeting, contingent on approval tonight and signing of Good Neighbor Agreement
Ralph motions to approve change of ownership; 24-0-2
• Guest Speakers
– Councilmember Natalyn Archibong
Introducing new legislation Monday
• A few years ago Councilmember Archibong had excess funds in her budget; EACA will be getting $2500, along with Security Patrol, recycling, etc.
Sidewalk Task Members – Jack Gruendler and Beth Hogan
• Carla Smith and Natalyn chairing Sidewalk Committee
– Trying to come up with best practice for how to get sidewalks installed
– Natalyn thinks this should be the responsibility of Transportation; question is how to pay
Video presentation: Kevin’s public service commemoration at City Hall
– Valerie Smith (Public Works)
EACA largest participant in Adopt-a-Spot program (parent program of Adopt-a-Street)
Ms. Smith presented a plaque to EACA commemorating the Adopt-a-Street program
Valerie will be back to discuss the next phase of the streetscape program
– Recycle EAV – Kate Crosby
Initiative started in 2009, primarily focused on fundraising for recycling bins in 529/Grant Central parking lot and weekly pick-up
• At the time, very few businesses were recycling; serving local businesses
Expanded coverage in 2013; thanks to East Atlanta Foundation for their support
• 10 bins in 529/Grant Central lot (vs. 8 previously)
• 7 new bins behind Argosy
• 2 new bins at Brownwood Park Recreation Center
90 tons recycled since 2009
– Project: Clean EAV (Kate)
Trash has been a big challenge in EAV
Previous beautification efforts have focused on clean-up, but divert away from actually beautifying the neighborhood
Clean EAV selected Above All Cleaners to do regular litter clean-up
• $1000/month
• 3-5 days/week; not obligated for entire year
• Various clean-up activities
• Kate, Kevin, Lewis helped narrow focus of clean-up efforts to tackle trouble areas
• Received matching grant from East Atlanta Foundation for $4,350
• EABA contributed $2k
• Highlander School donated $400
• EACA raised $3200
• Need additional $2k
– Plan to raise additional funds at Living Walls Block Party
– Living Walls – Monica Campana
Living Walls is non-profit that seeks to promote and change perspectives about public spaces
Staff of 21, all unpaid; Living Walls does all its own fundraising
Living Walls is coming to EAV for the 3rd time Feb-Mar
As the organization has grown, they realize that they need to create relationships with communities
Starting project for the next month that will culminate in East Atlanta Block Party on March 9
• Awaiting finalized paperwork before the project can kick off
• Working with various artists, various locations (back of the Graveyard, Tomatillos wall)
– Bridget Quinn coming in from Austin, will do installation piece
– Block party will include tour of projects / artist talks, along with a pop-up gallery, lecture about project, Iron pour at Soba, Musical entertainment at 529 and The Basement, and an artists’ market
Volunteer opportunities – for more info
– BPA PTA – Reed Tankersley, Beth Hogan, Maki Echols, Jeanne Fore
BPA is the only public elementary school in East Atlanta
Urging community to come get involved
• Healthy Living workshop series with Chef Seth Friedman – 5 Thursday nights Feb-March (get announcement)
• Dine-out for BPA; successful event in December @ Tomatillos; upcoming event 2/20 at Grant Central
• Shoebox Recycling – recycling shoes at BPA; Shoebox Recycling marketing will be doing a video story
• Poetry Off the Page – event co-sponsored with Friends of East Atlanta Library
• Enrollment activities (Kindergarten Show & Tell, February 27th); BPA is free pre-k site
• Spring Festival – May 10th; food trucks, dunk tank
• Community Yard Sale; BPA asking EACA for soft partnership, support marketing, volunteer, etc.; community can drop off items for sale (tax deductible), proceeds go to BPA PTA; March 23-24, drop-off is March 18-22
• BPA Garden workday – 2/16, 10 AM – 2 PM
• Steve asking BPA PTA to use Porch Press for announcements
Kevin requesting to bring BPA Organic Garden in under EACA; motioned, 2nd, approved
• Announcements
– First Friday Firefighters
– Membership Social tentatively scheduled for April 13th
– Stickers for EACA Membership Cards
– January minutes approval; Ralph motioned, 2nd, approved

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