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East Atlanta Community Association (EACA) Minutes

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Meeting begins at 7:00pm. The March 8, 2022 meeting minutes were approved. The treasurer’s report for March 2022 was approved.

Reports from Neighborhood Safety Representatives and Elected Officials

Sgt. C. Haslam, Zone 6 – Please don’t leave anything in your car that could attract thieves. Also, you can join the new program to register your security cameras and allow investigators to ask for your footage in case a crime is committed that might have been caught on camera. Q: Any updates on trouble house on East Side Avenue. A: That’s a question for a different unit but will pass on to Lt. Holt. Q: There are no parking signs on McPherson east of Lamon and people ignore the signs, which don’t seem to be enforced. A: Sgt says he’ll look into it. Q: Who gives out parking tickets? Officers or parking enforcers? A: You can call 911 for parking violations. Park Atlanta also will issue them. Patrick Husbands, Council Member Bakhtiari rep – Among other things, she is working on various initiatives for Branan Towers. She is working to solidify the Ormewood Forest. Legislation will be coming soon on new zoning for Bouldercrest triangle. They also are working on getting owners to clean up the burnt former church on Clifton between Glenwood and Memorial. Q: Now that Glenwood has been repaved, can Liliana help us get crosswalks? A: They will advocate, although Glenwood is a state route and GDOT may not listen. Advises Nate to also include Rep. Bee Nguyen. Q: Glenwood pavers left blobs of asphalt on side streets. Are they supposed to clean up? Can GDOT be asked about that? A: Patrick says they will ask.

Community and Guests Announcements

Saira Draper, candidate for House District 90 – see her website for details:

Kristan Newman, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine – this is a food rescue that takes leftover food from restaurants and events and shares it with people without homes. They are looking for volunteers to pick up food and drive it to a homeless shelter. Sign up at

The Wing Bar, Asiaa Karriem and Erica Jones – May 28, from 2:00-6:00pm. This is a block party is a popup shop to promote small business entrepreneurs. There will be live music, food and retail and part of Flat Shoals will be closed for this city permitted event. Q: How much of the street will be closed? A: Both lanes of Flat Shoals from old T-Shirt Lady’s store to Glenwood. All parking lots will be open. Q: Have other businesses been alerted and do they support the event? A: They have talked to a number of businesses and yes there is support. Q: Are there booths available for nonprofits? A: Yes. Q: Will this cause lots of traffic on Metropolitan and will detours be marked? A: They will mark detours. Q: Are there sponsorship possibilities or options to donate for a raffle. A: Yes.

East Atlanta Business Association, Nate Minor – EABA has hired a paid staff member who is starting in April and will soon get to enjoy these meetings. EABA is going back to in-person meetings.

Committee Reports

Neighbor In Need Committee – Marc Takacs has decided to step down. Thanks to him for his years of work on NIN. He arranged his successors, Stephanie Parker, and Sinead Quinn.

Transportation Committee – Alicia Philipps is no longer the committee chairperson. Thanks to her for all her time and hard work. VP Chase Miller will serve as interim chairman. Also, the committee’s meeting day will be changed so it doesn’t conflict with other committee meetings.

Flat Shoals Stop Signs – Former transportation chairwoman Karlyn Beer reports, based on a summary by Brad Henn of the committee – The Transportation Committee has long been discussing ways to make Flat Shoals safer. Some time ago, Brad was able to show the problem to an official. Recently, a city engineer did an analysis of Flat Shoals that recommended several stop signs. See the meeting recording for Karlyn’s presentation on the signs. All-way stop signs are suggested at the Flat Shoals intersections with May, Newton, Van Vleck, and the intersection of Pendleton and Stokeswood. Much discussion about how this will work and how to get even more done to make more of Flat Shoals Ave and also Flat Shoals Road safer. EACA votes in favor of this recommendation, 33-7.

East Atlanta Parent Network Committee Parks and Greenspace Committee, Emily Ragsdale – Next event April 20 at Brownwood, April 27 stroller walk and April 30 breakfast at Brownwood Park. If any local business owners are interested in partnering with EAPN, please email Emily (see chat).

Parks and Greenspace, Alex Levy – First Saturday of every month there are volunteer workdays to remove invasive species. Brownwood is home to largest sweetgum and largest Tupelo trees in the city. There are native trilliums blooming and also pawpaws and a catalpa tree.  On Thursday, April 28 from 5:30-7:30, Park Pride is holding a garden party (see chat) at the community garden in Brownwood.

Community Egg Hunt Saturday April 16, 10:00am to 12:00pm at Brownwood Park; staggered start time with little kids going first.

Land Use and Zoning, Karla Causey Land Use and Zoning, Karla Causey –- See the quarry update meeting recording from Andy Schneggenburger.

V-22-37: 474 Haas Ave variances to setback to allow for construction of Accessory Dwelling Structure – Homeowner wants to build a shed-like structure for studio/office space. They plan to build on piers to avoid infringing on trees’ root zones. Neighbors are OK with the plan. LUZ voted to recommend support. EACA votes to accept LUZ recommendation, 27 yes and 1 abstain.

Z-22-014 and accompanying CDP Amendment: Annexation and Zoning Assignment 2071-2080-2083 and 2084 Cavanaugh Avenue. LUZ recommends supporting this annexation. EACA votes to recommend 32-2, with one abstain.

CDP-22-13 and accompanying CDP Amendment: Annexation and Zoning Assignment of 17 Properties on Shadowridge Drive, Oakfield Drive. The parcel wanting to be annexed contains two houses in the middle that do not want to be annexed. See presentation in meeting recording. LUZ recommends supporting Shadowridge and Oakfield annexation. EACA votes 8 yes, 12 no, and 6 abstain. (Note: This differs from the 12-12-7 vote announced in the meeting because it was later discovered that some non-members voted.)

There is another single house on Black Oak that wants to be annexed. LUZ did not have an opportunity to review this request. EACA votes 17 yes, 10 no, 5 abstain.

U-21-033 & Z-22-21: 1222 McPherson Avenue – Highlander School; Rezoning of property from R-4 to R-4a. EACA recommends to defer/deny the request for rezoning: 17 yes, 8 no, 1 abstain.

Closing remarks and adjournment at 10:17pm.

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