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EACA Monthly Minutes – April 13, 2021

Opening Remarks/Introductions 

7:05pm (Sarah)

Please be polite and respectful during EACA meetings, committee, and general body.

State/City/County Elected Officials (none present)

Zone 6 Update (Sgt. Jason Dorsey,

We have one of the quietest beats in the last recorded seven days. Crime in the zone is down about 7 percent, but things tend to change in the summer.  Last meeting someone asked about 311 PAD. His unit has not yet used PAD, but East Atlantans are welcome to judge the situation and call PAD if you deem appropriate.  Police are on alert for protests stemming from Chauvin trial and other incidents.

Q: Does APD still have a graffiti unit?

A: Sgt. Dorsey has not dealt with this but will find out.

Approval of Meeting Minutes (March 9, 2021)

EAV Farmer’s Market (Katie Kriner)

When: Thursdays from 4-8 p.m.

Where: EAV Farmer’s Market, 572 Stokeswood (entrances on Flat Shoals and Stokeswood)

EACA has a table on the first Thursday of the month.  For Earth Day. April 22, they are partnering to do Plant to Plate event, at which EBT users get discounts on plants, soil, and food.

Q: Is the plant sale a onetime thing?

Y: Yes, by Love is Love farm, but there is a weekly vendor who sells plants.

Q: All BPA kids have pandemic EBT cards. Do they qualify for Plant to Plate?

Y: Yes.

GDOT – Maynard Terrace Traffic Circle Update (Shannon Dodd and members of the design team)

October 2019 was last time they met with neighbors, and design changes stemmed from those meetings. There was a virtual meeting last year and there was public comment through the regular GDOT process.  They are on schedule and the “let to construction” date should be summer 2022.  Affected property owners, those whose property touches the roundabout, will be contacted.  Feel free to reach out to Shannon with questions at any time. See chat for her info.  Matt Thompson made a presentation about the project. He showed the project sketch and talked about detours that will be needed.

Q: Would it be possible to include sound buffer panels in this project?

A: Funding is very focused so using the money for something other than the safety improvement would not be possible, although it is a good idea.

Q: Westbound ramp on I-20 has a yield sign that seems misplaced. Was that considered as part of this plan?

A: That has not been considered as part of this plan. The district safety engineer, Paul DeNard, will investigate that. His email is in the chat.

Q: Traffic that wants to go north from the exit ramp currently often backs up onto the highway at peak times. Is this design meant to ease that backup?

A: Yes, that is exactly what this design is meant to address. More signage may be needs so drivers understand what they are supposed to do. There also is a backup problem with people turning left from Maynard onto Memorial.

Q: Could there be a two-way cycle track at this intersection?

A: There is an extra-wide shoulder area that cyclists could use but they have not looked at a two-way cycle track.

Q: How many trees are you planning to remove between ramp and McPherson Avenue.

A: They do not know.

Q: Does northbound Maynard Terrace south of the roundabout really need two lanes?

A: Yes, or else that traffic would back up into the neighborhood.

Q: Directional pavement markings farther out would be good.

A: Excellent suggestion; they also plan overhead signs.

Q: Is anything being done about the stormwater problem that already exists at this intersection, especially considering the proposed development north of McPherson?

A: This is meant to address the stormwater on the pavement and should alleviate some of the runoff. The project is not replacing the culvert, but their study says this should not increase the stormwater problem. The proposed new development would fall under city regulations and has not been considered as part of this plan.

Q: We will be transferring a lot of traffic to Maynard and Memorial. Can that intersection take it? Could a left-turn only lane be added to that intersection?

A: They drew up a plan for that, but it does not necessarily fall into this project. It could be done in the future.

Questions from the chat will be compiled and sent to Shannon and answers will be shared later with EACA members.

  Committee Reports:

Membership ( (Chase Miller, Vic Thomas)

Join EACA! o $20 membership (per household); $45 (membership and sign) Welcome and thanks to new member who have signed up at the Farmers Market. We will be doing more community outreach as Covid vaccinations continue to roll out. If you would like to help plan those events, please contact

Education ( (Jeanne Fore)

APS will be back to in-person classes, 5 days per week, starting August 5.

Registration is open now for rising kindergartners who will be age 5 by Aug. 5. Rising 6th and 9th graders should register for their schools.

There will be special summer programs for students who want or need them. Note: GSU gives free classes to those 65 and older.  Email Jeanne at

Public Safety and Welfare (Myron Polster)

Alcohol License Applications (previously approved by NPU-W at March meeting)

Pollo Supremo, 792 Moreland Ave SE – corner of Moreland and Gracewood wants beer, wine, and liquor. No apparent concerns. EACA approves unanimously.

Empire Package Store, 1046 Fayetteville Rd SE, Suite C – existing business at Fayetteville and Flat Shoals, change of licensee to co-owner. EACA approves unanimously.

Neighbor in Need (

NIN needs volunteers and will have a meeting on Thursday, April 15, at 7:30 p.m. Email them if you can join their volunteer team.

Transportation (Not present) but J Barhite of NPU-W says there is a chance to add the site of the proposed development north of McPherson to a list of potential city greenspace. EACA votes unanimously to add that parcel to the list.  EACA also voted unanimously to add the BATL trail parcels to the list.

Land Use and Zoning ( (Karla Causey.)

V-21-091 634 Brownwood Ave SE, fence variance to go from 4-foot/50% visibility to 6 feet solid on the side of the property (house’s backyard). Committee voted to approve this. EACA approves this 26 to 0, with 5 abstaining.

1058 & 1078 Moreland Avenue update – DeKalb County objected to the annexation and rezoning plan. Developer withdrew the application for annexation. Neighbors would like to talk to the developer about various options for the property.

1543 Maynard update — The project is on hold now but stay vigilant for signs about tree removal that would indicate the developers are on the move. See chat for info on how to use texting to see tree-cutting applications.

Q: Is there a timeline or do you have ideas for next steps community can take to address this?

A: Councilwoman Archibong and neighborhood reps are checking on this regularly with the city planners. Ed says the developers should have to submit a subdivision review application.

Q: Has the developer expressed any interest in meeting with neighbors? A: No.

Comment: Developer has used the year 1892 for the paper street, but Henry notes that area was not within the city limits until the 1900s.

Treasurer ( (Ralph Green)

Approval Treasurer’s Report- March 2021

Announcements (Sarah)

Filming will be happening on April 19-21 on Cavanaugh and Flat Shoals, where there will be a partial road closure and on Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Flat Shoals be closed. Maps shared in chat. Adjacent neighbors should already have been notified.

Neighbor in Need – Day of Service – May 15, 2021

8:30-noon, Meet at Brownwood Park Rec Center parking lot. Residences to be selected for general yard clean up; additional tasks to be determined.  Please sign up so we can rent tools ahead of time!  Coffee and doughnuts!

Burgess Peterson Academy Organic Garden

This summer on Fridays at 8 a.m. volunteers will weed, water and harvest for East Atlanta Kids Club’s food distribution.  Accepting Herb/Vegetable seedling donations Please contact with questions and plant donation info!

Brownwood Park and Trees Atlanta Work Days

First Saturday of each month, 9am-noon.  Meet at Pendleton Street near tennis courts.  Please sign up so we can rent tools ahead of time!

Porch Press ( (Henry Bryant)  

Please advertise because the amount of advertising determines how much news the PP can provide. Deadline for submitting stories is the 25th of each month.

Other business

Jenny Murray – there will be a Madison Ave. strategy session on May 1 at 10:00am. at Jen’s house.

Henry Bryant – BATL tours have been restarted.

Liliana Bakhtiari – She is working with Argosy to take donations for Branan Towers residents. (see Face book or video for details on what to donate) Can also donate via East Atlanta Kids Club with a note it is for Branan.

Margaret Spalding, South River Watershed Alliance – The South River has made the top 10 list of most endangered rivers in America. Please write EPA seeking action. (Info in chat)

Also in chat is info about the revisions to city of Atlanta’s tree ordinance.Closing Remarks and Adjournment 9:30 p.m. Next meeting: May 11, 2021, 7:00pm

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