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EACA Membership Meeting

June 14, 2022

Called to order 7:00pm.

Public Safety Representatives: Zone 6 Kettly Covington – Thefts from auto are the most common crime in our area. Police recommend we leave nothing in our cars. Request for Safety tips: Don’t walk alone late at night. Don’t have anything flashy showing or pull out a lot of cash. Walk with others. Attendees’ concerns (officer says she will let the appropriate people know). Q: Can anything be done about loud vehicles and speeding on Moreland Avenue south of Glenwood and also on Flat Shoals south of Glenwood? Q: Can anything be done about public drinking in the Village, including in the morning? Request for more patrols. Myron Pollster says a security patrol officer can possibly look out for this kind of thing. Q: Any updates on the drug house at 455 East Side Avenue? No police presence has been visible. Myron says he has spoken with an officer who says police are continuing to work to shut this house down. EACA Public Safety Committee, Myron – June 30 is the deadline to sign up for the next quarter of the East Atlanta Security Patrol and the patrol is competing with apartments and condos in the area for officers, so more paying members are needed to keep the officers on the job. See info in chat for how to sign up.

Elected Officials: Florence Coram – DeKalb Commissioner Larry Johnson’s rep, noting some county activities Thursday, June 16. Patrick Husbands, rep for Council Member Bakhtiari – Solid waste fee chat on June 16. Public hearing tomorrow, June 15, on property tax rate. Bakhtiari’s office is also working on the East Side house and others, including the burnt-out church on Clifton near I-20. See chat for his info. EACA Concern: Sabbath Brewing is not living up to conditions in the SUP that allowed it to open, including open doors, noise, and outdoor storage. This SUP is up for renewal, and EACA will be voting on that in coming months. In the meantime, EACA has been working on a draft letter to the owner regarding the issues. Thanks to Liliana for helping clear debris and a threatening tree from Ormewood Avenue near Flat Shoals. Thanks also for a phone call she had with EACA members regarding annexation. Candidates in a runoff for the Democratic nomination to represent state house district 90, Saira Draper and Michelle Schreiner make their pitch to EACA. See the chat and their websites for more info.

May 10, 2022, Meeting Minutes approved. May 2022 Treasurer’s Report approved.

Neighbor in Need Report, Stephanie Parker – Neighbor in Need is an EACA committee that works to maintain and repair the homes of older neighbors to keep them in their homes. Clients are referred by city officials and other neighbors. There is a list of more than 20 projects waiting for funding, with 10 priority cases. This committee is completely run by volunteers. Contractors are paid, but they offer discounts on labor and materials. See the EACA website for how to volunteer or donate.

Transportation Committee Update, Chase Miller – they are working on small, hopefully quick-to-do things to make streets safer, including stop signs on Flat Shoals that are expected to be installed soon, and seeking to have crosswalks painted on the newly repaved Glenwood Avenue. Committee is turning its attention to parking in the business district and surrounding area. It will be working on this with the East Atlanta Business Association. They also are working to resurrect plans for the BATL Trail that has been talked about in the past. Contact Chase at if you’d like to volunteer.

Henry Bryant, street sign toppers have been partially funded by a grant to NPU-W. The idea is to put the toppers on street signs at the more than 100 intersections. There are some toppers already; they were put up about 20 years ago. In the course of checking for these old toppers, volunteers have discovered and reported missing signs to Liliana. Signs must be bought and installed by November to be covered by the grant.

Land Use and Zoning, Karla Causey – Back to Sabbath Brewing. Ed Gilgor reads a proposed letter from EACA to Sabbath regarding issues that have been raised with EACA and the city by neighborhood residents. Sabbath owner is on the call and says he already is working to address the noise issue and will work on the others. Vic Thomas notes that EACA will be in contact with him to set up a meeting to work on these issues.

Items for voting: Z-22-032 Annexations into the city in our area. Committee recommends EACA vote to support the annexation legislation. EACA votes 13 in favor. V-22-067 1442 Metropolitan Avenue, application for accessory structure, an office. Variance is to reduce the side and rear setback. Committee recommends EACA support this. EACA votes in favor with no opposition.

Parks and Greenspace, Alex Levy – Brownwood Park first Saturday of the month workday falls on a holiday weekend in July, so that will be canceled. Meeting with Trees Atlanta in May identified priorities for the next couple of years, which will include a lot of work in the north side of the park. Alex is in touch with Liliana to redo the vision plan that was completed in 2005. City acquisition of Ormewood Forest likely will happen this summer, so that ivy-choked ravine will needs some love to become a useful neighborhood greenspace.

EACA is considering going back to in-person meetings. A poll was attempted to gauge opinion about how important that is. It was a hand-raising poll with unclear results. There will be a mock meeting at Branan Towers on July 28 to test the logistics of a meeting that is both in-person and virtual. If you want to help with this, please contact and say if you want to test from home or in person.

EABA update, Nate Minor – Rideshare locations have signage and next step is for them to be geo-located for the rideshare companies.

Note from the Membership Committee: EACA membership is $20. EACA yard sign is $25. Get or renew membership at Must be a current EACA member to vote or serve on an EACA committee. Confirm your membership with Myron Polster, Membership Committee Chair.

East Atlanta Parent Network: Zoo Outing at 10:00am Saturday, June 18 at Zoo Atlanta. We’ll meet at the flamingo exhibit. RSVP on Facebook. Come Play at Brownwood Park at 10:00am Wednesday, June 22 at the playground. Summer Smash at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market. From 3:00pm to 5:00pm Sunday, June 26, join us for food, drinks, game, and family fun!

Community Outreach: The 2nd Annual Pride Trivia at Midway. VOTE: June 21 runoff elections for the Georgia primary.

Adjournment: 9:15pm.

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