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EACA Meeting Minutes – March 2017

EACA Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2017
Meeting started at 7:07pm.
Update from Police Department – Sgt Hines: Recently the following incident occurred nearby: 4 juveniles at Krog Street. Market were trying to open the doors. A citizen called in the tip. The police department was able to find them. Lesson learned: Citizen tips are the best way to help. Call 911 and best description possible. No questions from the community.
Teagan Fore, Sunshine Project: As she is working towards her Bronze Award, she requests members of the community to consider donating to the Sunshine Project. Click here for more details.
Mr. Al Bartell (mayoral candidate): Grew up in the swamps of eastern South Carolina. Has lived in Atlanta for 25 years. Certified mediator by trade (mediate between community leaders and community, city, state and federal government). Goal: Atlanta to have a bright, awesome future. Question: who is included in that future; who is excluded? Neighborhood/community/faith/small business leaders need access to the decision making process and public policy as lobbyists. The Mayor’s office should be an office public engagement.
Should budget capacity for the above leaders as lobbyists? Should gather and distribute information fairly. Should prevent the impacts of gentrification on our communities, not just with affordable housing which still too expensive for many. Fight the congested network affecting our city. There should be a structure that supports our neighborhood/community/faith/small business leaders. The NPU is not structured for roundtable discussions and summits. It is not structured for mass aggregation and distribution of data. The Office of Public Engagement will fill the gap.
Q: How will you address affordable housing?
A: It’s not going to happen with market rate housing or affordable housing. We need community trust zones. People purchase the house, not the land. The land is owned by a housing trust. This creates a buffer between the rising cost of property and homeowners.
Q: Have you held public office before?
A: I have been appointed to several boards and commissions but have not been elected to a position. We need to connect project management language and community language to create a space where we are communicating.
Q: What are your thoughts about the traffic/congestion?
A: We do not have reference points in place to manage the inbound traffic, resurface roads, fix roads, and sidewalks. No way today to manage traffic patterns. Set up a department to measure traffic management patterns and complete R&D based on this new data. If we can manage congestion, we can decrease it. However, if we can’t manage it, we will not be able to decrease it.
Q: What is your stance on immigration?
A: Whereas, immigrants are our neighborhood/community/faith/small business leaders, friends and neighbors, thus, Atlanta should be designated a sanctuary city. It does not matter what the federal government says we can and cannot do, I would declare Atlanta a sanctuary the moment I am elected Mayor.
Q: Thanks to recent city council efforts, there are $40 million in affordable housing bonds. While that is not all that we need, what is the best way to leverage these bonds?
A: Most investment today is market investment and wall street investment. Public policy would need to be put in place that can stabilize trust fund investment. We are not going to use the banking bond to do this; we will need to create community banks that can allow trust fund investments to be available. Also, a municipality gets funds from the county, city and federal government. Create fund matching policy. Lastly, is to put an ordinance in place so that local and state funded colleges would require that students work with trust funds to gather the data needed. Visit
Mary Norwood (mayoral candidate): Ran 8 years ago. Four goals:
Transparency: All financial information online! Every check. Citizens can know where the money is going. This would benefit the community and the Background of having a radio and internet companies, this information should be available.
Urban Design: As the Atlanta community grows, need to help the community scale and support the redevelopment that is best for that particular community. Expansion should be thoughtful.
Transportation: As we grow, we need to grow our transportation options as well.
Safety: The city must stay safe. Intervene with our young adults so that they do not spiral. I want to be the neighborhood mayor – which things are working well on the ground. We are currently putting together neighborhood ambassadors. We in the community know what we need, need to create a network so that your needs can get to city hall fast.
Q: We are watching people be displaced due to the lack of affordable housing.
A: There are two primary components: workforce housing and low income housing. In Fulton, you can have an entire section of the city that says “we have enough affordable housing” and other areas that are oversaturated and lacking in scalable transportation options. We need more assisted workforce housing. Help people live closer to their jobs. (Ex: In Buckhead, 96% of the community commutes in.) We have approx. 242 horizontal neighborhoods and 35 vertical neighborhoods. We have not done the kind of analysis needed to understand housing pricing. We need to better understand where we do and do not have affordable housing based on accurate data. Whole portions of the city were caught up in mortgage fraud with 25-65% vacancy. Need to stitch those neighborhoods back together. City to help with abandoned properties.
Moreland Mural Project: Lauren to discuss potential EAV Murals. Public art initiative to get 22 female artists with murals on Moreland & Dekalb Avenues. Sacred Thread Building “In Solidarity” mural that the building owner and tenant are in support of. Has passed through the City design approval process. There is money each year (up to $2400) for public art (NAG, Neighborhood Arts Grants). Deadline is tomorrow at 5:00pm., Thank you Councilwoman Archibong for directing an art proposal back to the community.
Mari Vega, East Atlanta Composting Initiative: Currently works with “Grow where you are.” Idea: start a compost coalition in the village. Personally see approximately 22 quarts of vegetables, 100 pounds of vegetable waste each week. That is just one business in the community. In order to make the most of what we have, increase the current compost site in Brownwood Park and also with Branan Towers for another here onsite. Opportunity to include local schools in creating an ecosystem around the unused vegetable waste in the community and for use in local community gardens. Several organizations can help make this happen. CFM offered bed space and composting space at the East Atlanta Farmers Market space. Looking for collaborators and fundraising support. Email address:
East Atlanta Day, March 25:
Poker Tournament at Midway Pub, 10am – 3pm. Proceeds go to Neighbor in Need.
Electronics Recycling @ EAFM Space, 10am – 3pm. Proceeds go to Neighbor in Need.
Scavenger Hunt at Argosy, 1:30pm – 4:30 pm. Proceeds go to other local nonprofits.
Q: Will they wipe your electronics for you?
A: We believe so; checking with Mark.
Judy, Bond Organic Market: New store on Gresham Road
Caters to natural foods, (produce, meats, other). “Shop little and often!” inspired by European style grocery.
Review of 2017 budget
Questions about the EACA sponsorship of EAFM.
EACA’s sponsorship gives it access to a booth every week.
Cost is discounted for community associations.
Motion to approve the 2017 budget was approved.
Question to waive cost of EACA membership for community members who cannot afford it. Vic introduced himself, continue discussion offline.
Motion to approve last month’s minutes and spend. Approved.
Meeting ended at 8:10pm.

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