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EACA Community Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Welcome & Announcements

  • East Atlanta Santa, December 1 & 2
  • AFD Coat Drive – Firehouse 13, Through November 15
  • 2019 Elections –
  • Holiday Potluck, December 11
  • NYEAV 2019 – Kommune & Screenfixing
  • Atlanta Police Department – recognized upon arrival
  • The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2019 Places in Peril
  • Land Use and Zoning Updates –Andy Schneggenburger, Chair
    • 543, 549 Stokeswood Ave & 1286 Portland Ave, V-18-317
    • 820 Flat Shoals Ave, Z-18-117/CDP-18-056
    • 1835 Braeburn Annexation, Z-18-112
  • 525 Moreland Update Ave – Jesse Clark – Clark Property R+D (Following adjournment Clark Property R+D will remain for questions)
  • Closing Remarks and Adjournment
  • Meeting start at 7:08pm

Welcome & Announcements

East Atlanta Santa, December 1 & 2 – Grown out of Kids Club & NiN and gift for parents that do not want to go to the mall. Tree lighting on December 1 at 6:00pm; Menorah lighting.

AFD Coat Drive – Firehouse 13, Through November 15 – Okay to bring coats to FD 13.

2019 Elections –– If interested or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Interested in joining a committee or chair a committee, email Lewis at Q: Do you have to be member of EACA to be an officer? A: Yes, you must be a member. See Vic for membership. If a business owner okay.

Holiday Potluck, December 11 – Please come out, fellowship, bring something to share.

NYEAV 2019 – Kommune & Screenfixing – Kommune J. Barthite – NPU Chair & Screenfixing. 2 sessions (one for children & families to enjoy and one for NYE) EACA is a sponsor.

NiN – Gala – Great Success, great community effort – raised $25K in sponsorship $5K in tickets sales and $10K to put the gala on. $25K net for future projects. ~$35K annually in repairs. Thanksgiving side for seniors. Many do not cook for themselves. Joes, Screenfixing and village fitness accepting donations. List on NiN FB page (Creamed corn, stuffing) Financial contribution. Up the end of this week. NiN is recipient of any Saturday Santa sales – Santa United 9:30 – 12:30 Accepting square Bring kids, bring your dogs! Santa for Seniors.

NiN & EAF & EACA EAV Holiday Decorating contest – Start planning – setting up map, online app where you can vote for your favorite house. No cost associated. Griswold, classic, best theme, street spirit. FB, ND. $50 GC for individual residents. Streets will be a trophy and bragging rights. Q: Besides money, is there a published want list for any of the NiN programs – can reach at Q: Terrific job.

Atlanta Police Department – recognized upon arrival Sgt. Jones – Zone 6 – See something, say something – Holidays. Robbery with U-Haul – neighbor saw something. Called his neighbor – APD did not catch. No matter how small you think it is, please call 911. Be vigilant of your surroundings. Q: Crimes since Halloween? A: Carjacking, Neighbor on May Ave house was ransacked around Halloween, came through Flat Shoals onto May and hauled property off. Wanted footage from corner lot Q: Expectation of high crime during the holiday A: Yes Q: Parking citations – Atlanta plus – online states closed – is it really closed. Where to call to verify – municipal court. Toy Drive at Zone 6.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2019 Places in Peril. Picks 10 sites throughout the state – we won (The Madison Theatre) Georgia Trust has ability to work with EACA to come up with ideas in 2019. Our commitment is to form a committee. GT – historic preservations, different houses across the state that are museums. (Macon, Savannah) Rose Hall is headquarters on Peachtree – looks like castle. Helps individuals (i.e. Zuber-Jerrell house) Membership type organization.

Land Use and Zoning Updates – land

Functions as sub-com – 1st Tuesday of the month at 7pm – EACA NPU – 1st Thursday of the month at various locations – Full NPU 7:30pm 1st Wednesday – Nov – 4th Wednesday – Dec – 3rd Wednesday.

543, 549 Stokeswood Ave & 1286 Portland Ave, V-18-317 (SAP permit) EArthshake & parking lot. Thrive wants to build 27 townhomes. We believe in violation of zoning ordinance; taking things in wrong direction – long term. Going before board of zoning appeals. Next step could be superior court. Prompts the NC-2 rules.

We need people living in the village, but frankly we are in a position to be potentially over residentialized.Healthy commercial space, additional residential. NPU voted to support appeal. Q: Rumor Thrive gave up and sold to the same people building on Flat Shoals (East Atlanta Supermarket) Motion to support fighting the application as it now appears – 1st & 2nd28 / 0 / 1.

820 Flat Shoals Ave, Z-18-117/CDP-18-056 – Not voting tonight. Thrive homes – re-zoning – Maynard Terrace, Bouldercrest, Flat Shoals, Pasley. Would like to rezone housing category PDH – 27 single family homes and 14 townhomes in the commercial area at Bouldercrest. Agreed to defer to next month – will be coming through NPU next month to enable another meeting with them, neighbors and their development team. Earlier proposed 85-unit townhomes – wanted to rezone to mid-level density. The neighborhood is set with R-4 zoning as is the rest of the surrounding area. Proposing value in PDH as they are setting a small part aside for Greenspace. Struggling – set aside ~20% issue is that it is in the middle of the block. Meeting with them on the 27th to hash out. Any questions send email to Andy. Comments – in the next 5 years it will probably be more commercial, would be nice to have commercial in the area in walking distance. Motion to defer or deny the application 26 / 0 / 4.

1835 Braeburn Annexation, Z-18-112 – Bounded on the east by 20, on the west Winthrop and the south by newly annexed neighbors on Braeburn Circle. Single access point off of Braeburn Circle – vast majority is creek and 100 yo floodplain, small parcel 20% that can be built on. Obtuse process of annexation – Uni Dekalb zoned MR2 low density allows for single family development. When property is pulled into CoA, zoning must be equal. The issue is in Uni Dekalb allows for higher density. 23 cottage style homes. Issues – Access point, street right of way, setbacks are small, leave buffer between new development and existing neighbors on Braeburn; may be need to clear trees (noise, air quality) Quality of Life considerations. Meeting with developer a few weeks ago Q&A. Not much back in response to questions. Setbacks 5 to 10 feet. Re-zoning usually attached to specific site plans. LUZ – voted to deny annexation but expressed support if single family R4 zoning. 29 / 0 / 0.

Rezone into CoA to MR2 – low density residential that allows for attached single family homes – concern that the slight increase with change in re-zoning could have impact with current neighbors. Buildable space makes it higher density – MR2 accountable to entire property. Council Member Archibong; Andy has spoken with her about the R4 and annexation. City has some play however in the end the applicant drives. Q: Why does the owner want to be annexed? A: Public Safety Petition of neighbors Dekalb and CoA pushing back on this proposal. Clear there is broad opposition to R2 re-zoning. Important to recognize, owners can develop currently as UniD. Motion to support LUZ decision to deny annexation but expressed support if single family R4 zoning. EG – if they agree to do R4 support – something will inevitably be developed. Best to get in and provide support. 7.2 acres and legally they can only build on 2 acres and they want to put as much on that as possible. City issued staff report – comments in CDP was consistent with CDP view???? EA is primarily R4.

525 Moreland Update Ave – Jesse Clark – Clark Property R+D. Feedback from community on what they would like to see in the space Provided sketches. Meeting 10/25 and second meeting 11/3 and another on 11/10 at Ormewood Church.

Preserve Masonic Lodge. Public/Plaza place – where do we park it? Over 400 responses on survey. 11/3 presented 5 options for feedback. Op 1 as zoned, Op 5 high density option. You can go online and rate – will take ranking to present at next meeting. Goal is to continue to refine. Previous efforts at rezoning did not pass hence why the property has stood vacant. EA Minor – 2nd floor of SunTrust building – outgrown built new – with Kroger. For historic preservation – it is a very clean 1940 – 50 streamlined building. For East Atlanta, it is one of our jewels. Survey still open on 525 site – going to narrow down to 2 – 3 concepts. Q: Will Dance 411 lose parking there? Entertained the idea of controlling access for parking.

Closing Remarks and Adjournment

Brownwood Park – Trees Atlanta working with them on greenspace guardians. shifting to on Saturday a month. ANCS 6th graders pulling trash from the creek.

BBQ at the old Skyhaven site – straight down Shadowridge South end 12 – 2 on Sunday. Commissioners invited to join.

Parking at Branan is for residents. Can park at 1st Iconium on meeting nights

Any membership moving forward is for next year.

Vote December 5 for the runoff.

Motion to adopt financial report and notes from last month – 2nd update to October notes – United/Unity.

Adjourn 8:25pm.

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